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Diverse and historically rich, Guatemala is not
only an especially interesting destination,
but one that offers natural history on a grand
scale and five-star adventures to suit every
skill and spirit. Let's look at some of the ways
Guatemala is just right for travelers seeking
more involving vacations.

ARCHAEOLOGY From history buffs to museum
and alumni groups, Guatemala offers an
incomparable trove of special interest
antiquities to see along La Ruta Maya with its
grand treasury of Mayan history and the largest
concentration of ancient cities in Central
America. Ceremonial cities such as Tikal are
already famous; others are recently uncovered
and under excavation, such as El Mirador in El
Peten, and just announced this year, scientists
have uncovered the ruins of a massive Mayan
settlement-60,000 undocumented dwellings,
temples, raised highway and other man-made
structures that indicate Peten was home to
millions more people than previously thought.

While Guatemala has the grandest of Maya
archaeology, as a population well represented by
"Living Maya," touring here is only part of La
Ruta Maya.
ARTS & CRAFTS TRADITIONS Guatemala is worldfamous for the artistic quality and variety of its
crafts, and Guatemalan artists range from folk
artists and artisans working in a variety of forms,
materials and traditions to modern painters,
sculptors and ceramicists. The best-known
crafts are marvelously woven tapestries-often
displayed in hotels and restaurants-and
clothing worn by indigenous men and women.
Among the most fascinating pieces are huipiles,
blouses intricately embroidered with flowers,
birds and other motifs; woodcarving is a major
craft, with the top ceremonial masks made in
Chichicastenango; carved jade and jade jewelry
is another collectable craft.
THINKING FOOD in Guatemala means knowing
that the traditional Guatemalan diet is
centered around tortillas, tamales (cornmealwrapped meat pies), black beans, and platanos
(bananas). Meat is essential to Latino meals,

served up as bistec (beefsteak), and parrilla
mixta (a mixed grill of chicken, beef, pork and
sometimes a German-style sausage). Guatemala's
most famous regional dish is pepian de pollo,
chicken smothered in a greenish sauce made
from pumpkin seeds and spices, and chicharrones
(bits of pork crackling) are also hugely popular.
Dishes often come with a side accompaniment
of guacamole and chirimol (a red pepper sauce).
Dining out in sophisticated to rustic restaurants,
visiting the wildly colorful food markets all
over Guatemala, and nowadays taking cooking
classes with accomplished Guatemalan chefs are
important and rewarding aspects of making the
country's culinary experience.
WELLNESS & SPAS There are many special
reasons Guatemala attracts the spa and wellness
guest for a day or a week: beautiful places to soak
up tranquility and nature; eco-chic wellness
centers offering spa, yoga and meditation retreats
for individuals, groups and families; professionallad yoga, meditation; and a good choice of
wellness centers-Sumaya on Lake Atitlán or
Santa Teresita Hotel & Spa near Antigua.


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