Recommend April 2018 - 6


The largest city in Central America and the
front door to this Tennessee-size country
is Guatemala City, a cosmopolitan capital
well-endowed with fine hotels and a delicious
restaurant scene, excellent museums, a lively
nightlife, new shopping centers and traditional
markets. Another asset: high-altitude, springlike climate.


1. Many of the city's most impressive

Located on the campus of Francisco
Marroquin University are two museums of
supreme interest: the Popul Vuh Museum,
whose artifacts cover Guatemalan civilization
from the pre-Classic period to the Colonial
era, as well as folkloric dance masks and
clothing; and the Ixchel Museum, which pays
brilliant tribute to the Maya culture and the
country's superb weaving traditions from Indian
communities countrywide.

monuments, such as the 350-room Palacio
Nacional de la Cultura, the fabulous former
Presidential Palace, and the most commanding
religious building, the ornate, stately, bluedomed Metropolitan Cathedral, border the
Parque Central in Centro Historico. The
prettiest church interiors, however, are those of
La Merced and San Francisco.

Kaminaljuyu, one of the oldest major
ruins in the Maya world (circa 300 BC), sits on
the outskirts of the capital. About 200 mounds
have been researched and the three excavated
are open to the public. Fascinating is the
excellent onsite Miraflores Museum, bringing
this important site to life.

2. The Museum of Archaeology &
Ethnography is Guatemala's leading museum,
housing an impressive collection of Maya
artifacts from all the important ceremonial
areas, including an impressive throne from
Piedras Negras in the Petén region.



Mercado Central is a good place
to start shopping for textiles, pottery,
woodcarvings, and metal work; Mercado de
Artesanias is another good choice. Some of
the finest handiwork is found in the upscale
neighborhood of Zona Viva (Zone 10), whose

boutiques carry native weaving, embroidery
and jewelry, while art galleries display works by
contemporary Guatemalan artists. Visitors can
of course join the locals in one of many modern
shopping malls.

6. There is no shortage of excellent
restaurants offering fine dining in Guatemala
City. For gourmet Guatemala cuisine, Kacao
has long been a favorite, and for a mix of fusion
cuisine and fine dining, hotspots include Jake's
and Tamarindos. On the international dinearound scene, Altuna serves Spanish dishes in
an elegant atmosphere, and there's fine French
fare at Jean Francois, as well as top Italian
specialties at Peccorino.


The two main after-dark destinations-
compact, safe and pedestrian-friendly-are
the long-popular Zona Viva and distinguished
restaurants, lively bars and nightclubs, upscale
hotels, and rejuvenated Cuatro Grados
Norte, filled with street art, hip cafes, artisan
cooperatives and chef-owned restaurants.


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