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Both photos: Saint Lucia offers beautiful scenery waiting to be explored.

Forest Reserve gets its name from the fact that it sits on a ridge
dividing the eastern and western halves of Saint Lucia, providing
panoramic views of certain parts of the island from four lookout
points along the trail. It takes approximately one hour to walk
the 1-mile trail and another hour to climb to the top of Mount
La Combe. From there, hikers can see Cul-de-Sac Valley and the
Caribbean Sea on the west and the Mabouya Valley and Fond
d'Or Beach on the Atlantic coast on the east.
✦ Birdwatchers won't want to miss the Millet Bird Sanctuary
Trail located in the heartland of Saint Lucia, 45 minutes from the
city of Castries and 15 minutes from Marigot Bay. Here, they'll
find over 30 species of birds, including five endemic species such
as the Saint Lucia parrot, the Saint Lucia black finch, the Saint
Lucia oriole, the Saint Lucia pewee and the Saint Lucia warbler.
The trail also provides a breathtaking view of the Roseau Dam,
the largest in the Eastern Caribbean with an output capacity
of 6.3 million gallons of water daily. It takes approximately two
hours to complete the 1.73-mile walk, which is moderate to
strenuous, located about 1,000 ft. above sea level.
✦ More experienced hikers will want to try out the Enbas Saut
Waterfalls Trail located within the 19,000-acre Central Forest
Reserve, six miles east of Soufriere at the foot of the highest
mountain, Mount Gimie. The Enbas Saut Waterfalls Trail is a
strenuous 2.5-mile trail situated in a remote, but unbelievably
scenic area combining rainforest, cloud forest and elfin
woodlands. The backdrop is equally lovely set off by the nearby
peaks of Piton Canarie, Piton Troumassee and Mount Gimie.
Enbas Saut means below the falls and the trail is most famous
for its two cascading waterfalls and pools at the head of the
Troumassee River, where hikers can bathe in pure rainforest
water. Here, too, they'll be able to enjoy rich birdlife including the
blue hooded euphonia and the mountain whistler.

✦ Hikers not ready for the strenuous demands of the Enbas Saut
Waterfalls Trail, can still trek in the forest reserve where the
waterfall trail is located at a more moderate pace enjoying
the reserve's numerous plants such as bromeliads, orchids,
mushrooms, lianes and others attached to large buttress dangling
on the sides of the trail. Here, too, hikers will enjoy occasional
long-distance views of the Caribbean and at one point along
this trail, they emerge out of the forest and walk right into a
magnificent view of the island's highest peak. Great photo
opportunities on this hike.
✦ The Des Cartiers Rainforest Trail has the reputation of being
Saint Lucia's most pristine rainforest, a verdant botanical paradise,
mesmerizing in its mystical beauty. Located about 30 minutes
from Vieux Fort in the south, tell clients to exit the highway at
Mahaut of Ti Rocher gap, then they'll drive six miles inland from
the east coast highway along a secondary road. It's worth the
drive because as they walk the 2.5-mile trail, they have a definite
possibility of seeing rare birds, especially the Saint Lucia parrot, as
well as a variety of Saint Lucia's wildlife.
✦ Finally, tell clients to explore the Rainforest Reserve on a
3-hour trek with a guide from the Forest and Lands Department.
Here-just 30 minutes from Rodney Bay-they'll trek past
indigenous tree species and along paths lined with bromeliads,
orchids and mushrooms. Throughout the tour, they'll see
beautiful, multi-colored birds including the indigenous Saint Lucia
parrot, as well as a magnificent view of Mount Gimie. You can
contact the Forest and Lands Department for more information.

Shopping is an integral part of leisure travel, and needless to
say, Saint Lucia has an enormous variety of shopping options for
visitors. Some of its most popular are the art and crafts products


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