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Sun-Kissed Islands Belize's atolls-Turneffe Island and Lighthouse Reef, to name a couple- are ideal for world-class diving and fishing, while in South America, Peru's Uros, Taquile and Amantani islands and Bolivia's Island of the Sun offer a scenic and cultural adventure. Titilaka Lodge in Peru offers extraordinary views of Lake Titicaca. carla hunt belize: a natural choice Time by the sea is without question part of any Belizean vacation itinerary. From its mainland shores to its myriad offshore cayes, travelers will find white-sand beaches draped in sun; Caribbean waters that beg those strolling along its shores to put on their mask, snorkel and fins and to dive in; and fly-fishing opportunities in the flats or from a poled skiff. In fact, it's the sea that put Belize solidly on the adventure tourist map. The barrier reef, which is located right offshore from this Central American country and runs from Mexico south to Honduras, is the hemisphere's largest, and, along with Belizean mid-ocean atolls, provides world-class diving and fishing. With its bevy of resorts, Ambergris Caye, part of the northern islands group and a short flight from Belize City, caters to divers from around the world. However, more experienced divers, anglers and get-away-from-it-all island lovers head by boat or charter aircraft for stay-put vacations among the outer atolls that lie beyond the barrier reef. DIVE IN: Among the Northern Cayes, Turneffe Island is the largest of Belize's three atolls and the largest in the Caribbean Sea. Both diving and fishing here are excellent. The extensive mangrove and saltwater flats are perfect territory for stalking permit, bonefish, snook and tarpon. Most fishing is done with fly rods, either waking in the flats or from a poled skiff. Turneffe Island also boasts scores of world-class wall, coral and sponge gardens, not to mention drift dive sites. The most famous dive site is the Elbow, a jutting coral point with steep drop-offs, huge sponges and ample fish life. 52 april 2014 52-55 LA Islands.indd 52 Also in this corner of the Caribbean Sea-50 miles from Belize City-is Lighthouse Reef Atoll, boasting some 50 miles of wall and reef diving and truly a Holy Grail for scuba divers. The superstar attraction is the Blue Hole, a perfectly round sinkhole that plunges down more than 400 ft., with huge stalagtites appearing at 130 ft., as well as reef sharks and an occasional bull shark. Many divers find equally dazzling the coral-wall dives on the Half Moon Caye Wall and North Caye Wall-two of the world's best. Half Moon Caye National Monument, a combined idyllic island and nature reserve, is the principal nesting ground for the red-footed booby as well as hawksbill and loggerhead turtles. STAY AWHILE: A top accommodation choice in the Northern Cayes is the 20-unit Turneffe Island Resort on little Caye Bokel, Hail the Whale Sharks in Belize The southerly resort area of Placencia is a take-off point for Gladden Spit, world-renowned for diving with massive whale sharks. Sightings at this site are fairly common from late-March to early-July, and to a far lesser extent from August to October and in December and January. Since the sharks tend to feed and cruise close to the surface, snorkelers and divers alike can enjoy the spectacle; however, waters can be rough, so scuba divers really have the best and safest seat in the house. 3/25/14 8:42 AM

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