August Recommend 2017 - 10

Michelle Marie Arean


The bleisure traveler
is looking to
mix business
with a leisure vacation.

The line between business and leisure travel
continues to blur, so much so that the term
"bleisure" is now commonplace. A report
by the Global Business Travel Association's
(GBTA) Foundation-Extending Business
Travel into Leisure Time - Bleisure Study-
shows that in the past year, 37 percent of
North American business travelers extended a
work trip into a leisure vacation.
According to the GBTA report, on average
these bleisure travelers took seven work
trips in the past year, earn $79,000 annually
and work at companies with 950 employees.
Forty-two percent hold middle management
positions, three in five have children at home,
and 44 percent of these travelers brought
someone along for the leisure portion of the
trip. Though 90 percent extend their trips for
more than one day, only 23 percent do so for
more than three days, which is the length of
the average trip extension.
According to BridgeStreet Global
Hospitality, those who have taken bleisure
trips report that it helps them work more
effectively, takes stress out of business travel,
and keeps them more relaxed while away
from home. In addition, they also report
the benefit of quality time with a significant
other, and an increase in the amount of time
frequent travelers spend with family. Most
bleisure travelers fall into the 45-54 age group,
with the second largest segment being 25-35
year olds.
Kelly Phillips, senior v.p. of global
engagement and strategic accounts for Hilton,
10 august 2017

notes in a press statement that, "Business
travel is a lifestyle for many of our guests
and we're seeing a growing desire by these
travelers to add a leisure component to their
trip and experience the destination beyond
the meeting room."
Giovanni Beretta, v.p. of Swire Hotels in
USA and general manager of EAST, Miami,
describes the bleisure guest as, "Someone
who wants to...explore the local culture....
They want to be part of the local scene and
time business to coincide with events like
Art Basel Miami."
In fact, the BridgeStreet report points
out, too, that the top three bleisure
activities include sightseeing, dining,
and cultural experiences-it goes without
saying that these add-on services can
create bonus revenues for agents targeting
bleisure travelers.
Beretta has a list of his own to meet
bleisure guests' needs, pointing out that,
"The bleisure guest is looking for a hotel
with everything in one place for morning
meetings, outstanding culinary offerings
and a great bar with a view to end their
day in easy relaxation. They're also looking
for a hotel that can introduce them to the
local culture, places to see and things to do,
with equal ease." He adds that, "Time is the
ultimate luxury for this guest who demands
an efficient, but personalized experience."

Package It
Get creative with how you present a
bleisure trip. For example, let clients know

that if they are already in New York City
for a meeting, why not take advantage of
Thompson Hotels' extended stay packages
at two city hotels-Gild Hall, located on
Gold Street in the Financial District, which
is offering 15 percent off a 4-night stay;
and The Beekman, in Downtown
Manhattan, offering the fourth night free
with a 3-night stay.
If clients are headed to Seattle, Richmond,
Scottsdale or Washington, DC for a business
trip they can extend their stay in these cities
via Destination Hotels' Stay More, Save
More promotion that features 30 percent
off best available rates when booking three
or more nights (max seven nights). In fact,
this offer is good for any Destination Hotels
property around the world.
Or recommend a package that allows your
client to detox after the big meeting. Naples
Grande Beach Resort, for instance, features
the Unplug & Recharge package. After a few
days of meetings, clients can go on a digital
detox diet by keeping their phone with
the front desk or in their safe; take a walk
through the resort's mangrove estuary; and
enjoy the spa ($259 per room per night).
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