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" Z Travelers
Whereas Millennials are drawn more to the perennial fascinator that is Europe, Gen Z looks to
explore the places with starkly different cultures and countries than their own. In a survey of the
two generations, the three destinations with the biggest disparity between Gen Y [Millennials] and
Gen Z responses were Japan, central Europe and Russia. Gen Z was far more interested in these
places, willing to overlook long distances and controversial politics for the resulting experience.
USA, says, "Millennials want trips where
they can see the most iconic sites, but
also immerse into the local culture and
dine at local restaurants, bars, etc. They
want to go exploring, but also incorporate
relaxation.... Generation Z travels to
scope out the most off-the-beaten path and
undiscovered experiences, such as sleeping in
a floating river hut in Khao Sok, Thailand's
dreamiest yet undiscovered national park,
or enjoying some local wine and cheese at
a hidden restaurant in the backstreets of
Ios, Greece." Remote and undiscovered are
indeed key motivators, with Leigh Barnes,
Intrepid Travel's director of North America,
adding that "Gen Z travelers want the
'backpacker' style of travel, truly immersing
in a destination and all it offers, whether
that's sleeping in a tent in Botswana's
Khama Rhino Sanctuary surrounded by
zebras, giraffes and wildebeest, or sitting
on the ground of a cave to eat with the
Berber nomads in a cave in Morocco's Atlas
Mountains." Travel advisor Shelley Oliver, of
Holidays by Jane, an affiliate of Your Travel
Center/Montecito Village Travel, points
out that her last Gen Z booking was "for a
young couple to an Icelandic working farm

that has been converted into a hotel. They
are thrilled to be able to live and eat as locals
in this trending destination. Not your typical
pub crawl."
Travel designer and Recommend
contributor Susan Farewell goes even further,
explaining that "travel plays a much bigger
role in the lives of Gen Zs than Millennials.
Gen Z's parents got them a passport when
they were born. They're growing up with
friends around the world and it's expected
that many study abroad (or will study
abroad)...multiple times. This generation is
also motivated to understand the world more,
to build bridges, to help with world problems.
There is a real passion for traveling and a
natural tendency to think and live globally."

It's All in the Experience
Experiences, experiences, experiences-that's
been a buzzword in the travel industry for
quite a number of years, with Millennial
travelers giving new meaning to the word in
terms of how it relates to travel. Says travel
advisor Cassandra Harris, with Accent on
Travel, "As a Millennial-aged traveler myself,
I value experiences over material things. If
it means sacrificing a nicer hotel for more


-- Adam Cooper, President, Contiki USA

room in my budget to enjoy certain tours and
attractions, that's something I'm willing to
do. It's not enough now to just go to Cancun
and swim at the beach or chill by the pool.
Millennials want to take tours riding ATVs,
go parasailing, swim in cenotes, they want to
visit Chichen Itza."
Travel advisor Blaire Kochar, an
independent affiliate of Brownell Travel, a
Virtuoso member, concurs, stating that, "My
parents and their friends feel that their time
to travel is when they are empty nesters and
retired. Before then, their paychecks went
towards their big houses and country club
memberships. Millennials feel differently.
They don't want to wait to experience
bucket list destinations and don't need big
houses or fancy cars. They are putting their
bonuses towards a safari to celebrate their
fifth wedding anniversary, or a trip to Italy
to celebrate their 30th birthday. They are
realizing the importance of experiencing the
world at a younger age."
Money, too, comes into play, of course,
with travel advisor Allison Kobasky,
owner and co-founder of Over The Moon
Vacations, saying that "most Millennial
travelers are motivated by price-they are ➤

intrepid travel

All photos: Millennials and Gen Z travelers are eager to explore every corner of the globe and are opting for immersive experiences wherever they are.

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