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Left: Unlike their older counterparts, Millennial-aged parents aren't waiting to become
empty nesters to discover a new destination, instead opting to travel with their children.
Left, bottom: Social media plays a role before, during and after a trip for both Millennials and Generation Z.

Throughout my travels, I post
pictures of the destinations and
write captions that explain the
benefit of each hotel or what type
of perks you would receive
if you booked your vacation to
this destination through me.


tastes. Just because a place or tour looks cool
in an Instagram ad, doesn't mean they won't
do their research first to make sure it suits
their budget." In fact, travel advisor Oliver
says she's seen some social media backlash as
of late. She says clients are saying that they
don't want to consider areas or destinations
when it appears that a resort (or destination)
paid for celebrities or the "Internet famous"
to promote.


-- Blaire Kochar, Independent Affiliate
of Brownell Travel, a Virtuoso member

The World is Their Oyster

they don't just want to read about what's out
there, they want to capture their travels to
share with friends and family during and after
the fact." Travel advisor Kochar points out,
too, that Generation Z's travel choices are
influenced by social media in that they want
to go to "hotspots they see on Instagram."
In fact, according to Cooper, Contiki
USA's president, "Gen Z is far more attuned
to and influenced by social media, paying
close attention to the lifestyle Influencers
they follow.... When an Influencer
recommends a certain travel destination
or they see someone's beautifully filtered
picture, they are more likely to make that
a future travel destination and change any
preconceived notions."
"Gen Z," says travel advisor Kasra
Esteghamat, of Eden for Your World, an
affiliate of Your Travel Center/Montecito
Village Travel, "desires to stay somewhere
cool but inexpensive, and will use technology
for many of their travel components in the
belief that they can better become local on
their own by finding things on Instagram and
other social media sites." But, says Harrison,
"Gen Z won't fall for marketing tactics that
don't feel personalized or resonate with their

With ages that range anywhere from 12 or
13 to about 23, Generation Z isn't going allsolo on vacation. Many are still quite young
and are still traveling with their parents and
immediate family. But remember what travel
advisor Farewell mentioned, these young
teenagers had passports as soon as they were
born, and their recommendation plays a big
part in where the family goes for vacation. In
fact, says Rainer Jenss, president & founder
of Family Travel Association, "52 percent
of U.S. parents say that their children are
involved in the vacation-planning process.
The bottom line is that kids today have more
of a say than they used to, which is a good
thing because it helps ensure the kids will
enjoy the trip as they were involved in the
decision-making-thus are more invested
and engaged in the experience." Adds
Farewell, "Kids are calling the shots. They
are smart travelers and see the world as their
backyard. They've learned so much about the
world through social media that they have
clear ideas on where they want to go, what
they want to see and how they will spend
their time when they travel."
Since they live on the web, the knowledge
they are receiving can't be ignored by
parents, and, says Max Ali, SITA World
Tours' director of group operations, "The
information and knowledge that Gen Z

acquires from the Internet will naturally,
to some extent, affect and enhance their
families' travel planning; for example, which
destination to choose." With that in mind,
it makes sense that you, as a travel advisor,
include them in the vacation-planning
conversation, because "Gen Zs are digital
natives," says Jared Alster, v.p. of marketing
for Cox & Kings, the Americas. "They are
much more well-researched when it comes to
choosing a destination due to the enormity of
information on the Internet."
Miller, of Your Travel Center/Montecito
Village Travel, points out, though, that
Gen Z's influence is greater felt during the
vacation, "the activities and experiences that
are selected. For example, Gen Z's influence
would be shown by a teen's desire not to visit
places that affront their value systems."

Tips from Millennial Advisors
Millennial-aged travel advisors have
shaken up the travel industry; they are
brash, confident, have traveled extensively,
know the ins and outs of social media, and
know exactly what their peers want. And
because they are Millennials, they understand
the mindset of young travelers.
Millennial travel advisors recommend
having a pulse on the latest trends, because,
as Kobasky notes, "Destinations are ➤

The Full Report

For the extended report on Millennial and Gen Z travelers,
including full interviews with the Millennial-aged travel
advisors we interviewed, visit There,
you'll also find what motivated these young travel
professionals to join the industry, how they communicate
with their clients, and what they think the industry can do
to continue to attract young travel advisors.
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