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Quebec City: Idyllic
Port Destination


Portside in Quebec City.

When strolling through the city,
recommend clients head to Rue de Petit
Champlain, which Tetu says is the number
one commercial street in Canada. It's a
picturesque street that features a public
art piece composed of umbrellas seemingly
floating above pedestrians-a perfect social
media photo-op. The boutique shops lining
the street are great for a little indulgence, too
(definitely stop to buy some fudge).

A Day Trip Excursion
Michelle Marie Arean

Quebec City, a UNESCO World Heritage
site that's located at the confluence of the St.
Charles and St. Lawrence rivers and whose
history stretches back 400 years, is a fairy tale
port city, complete with a stunning castle
sitting atop a hill. In fact, Caroline Tetu,
director for Quebec Tourisme, mentioned
that the creators of Walt Disney Animation
Studios' Frozen visited Quebec City when
looking for inspiration prior to working
on the now-famous children's movie. The
similarities can be seen everywhere, with the
castle atop the hill-the historic Fairmont
Le Chateau Frontenac-the cannons
lining the path to the city below, and the
surrounding waters. Here, the people are
friendly, the ambiance is lively, and the views
are captivating.

This year, for the first time ever, the Port of
Quebec will be welcoming Disney Cruise
Line and Windstar Cruises, with Disney
Magic and Star Pride calling at the port next
month. And this year's cruise season will see
record delpoyment from Holland America,
Princess Cruises and Norwegian Cruise
Line, including new overnights, allowing
passengers to fully immerse themselves in the
city. Welcoming all those passengers is an
array of new amenities, including the Place
Des Canotiers, a public square that opened
this past June filled with green spaces,


benches, an art installation and a bike path
(bike rentals are available for travelers and
locals to enjoy on the promenade or to cruise
through town). When we visited the new
park, Holland America's MS Maasdam was
docked at port, and visitors and locals alike
were biking through the park enjoying the
sunny afternoon.
Another fun area is at the Backyard
Festibial (Backyard Festival) bar, located in
front of docks 21 and 22. There's a water
area here with beach chairs submerged in the
water for guests to enjoy; guests won't need a
bathing suit as the water is about ankle deep.
It's a cool place to sit back, have a beer, and
enjoy the city vibe.
Just a short distance away is an outdoor
arena where guests can find many free events
during the summer and fall months such as
circus performances, concerts, music festivals
and more. The summer music festival, Festival
d'ete de Quebec, which takes place up the road
in the Plains of Abraham, was mentioned
as a not-to-miss event (next year's festival is
scheduled for July 4-14, 2019).

Strolling the City
To start the day, suggest breakfast at Buffet
de Antiquaire, a vintage spot near the port
that's located on a street filled with antique
shops. If you reach the Patron Saint of Food
and Agriculture statue, make a right and you
won't miss it.

Quebec is the most European-like city in North America.
We are a French-speaking city, so when people come into
the city, they get that European flair, they get the culture....

34 august 2018


-- Nancy Houley, Director of Cruise Market Development,
Port of Quebec

Suggest your clients take a day trip to Ile
d'Orleans, just a 20-minute car ride away.
The setting here is almost a complete contrast
from cosmopolitan Quebec, offering a more
laid-back country ambiance. "The island is
not a place you rush [through]," says Tetu.
"You need to take your time." We can attest
to that. Life seems slower here, and travelers
will want to slow down and take in the views
and the delicious food, too. Lunch at Cassis
Monna et Filles is a must-do; this blackberry
producer and vineyard incorporates the fruit
in its cocktails (blackberry mojito must be
ordered), its salad dressing, its ice cream
(delish!), and its wines. There's a wine room
where guests can take part in wine tastings,
and fluffy cushions and benches around the
property invite guests to relax hillside and
enjoy the views.
Tiguidou, a local jam producer, is another
highlight while visiting Ile d'Orleans. Here,
visitors can purchase homemade jams or
locally made tea, and stop for a coffee
and scones.
Another fun activity is a visit to Parc de
la Chute Montmorency, where guests can
take a zipline over the Montmorency Falls, or
just take the cable car up for some stunning
photo-ops or to go on the hiking trail.
As you can see, this cruise destination
doesn't lack in experiences it offers its visitors:
from fine dining to adventure, luxury and Old
World-style charm. ■
Visit RECOMMEND.COM for our picks for
unique stays in Quebec City, plus
our Eye on the World photo series
of the trip.
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