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E d it o r 's N o t e s
Millennials-the travel industry has been
buzzing about them for years now, and rightly so
as they are expected to overtake Baby Boomers
as America's largest living adult generation,
according to population projections from the
U.S. Census Bureau. And right on their tails
is Generation Z. These two demographics can
be bewildering to some travel advisors because
these generations have grown up in a global
world and are so completely entrenched in
the digital sphere that their mindset when it comes to travel is not modus
operandi. Our special feature on page 10, How to Sell to Millennials &
Generation Z, delves into this mindset via interviews with tour operators
who sell to these specific demographics, as well as travel advisors, including
some who are Millennials themselves. We also conducted a Millennial &
Gen Z survey on to get your take on what's happening
with these young clients. The report dives into how Millennial-aged travel
advisors are communicating with their clients; where these generations are
jetting off to; what role social media plays in their travel plans; and what
motivates them to travel.
We've also featured new goings-on in both the Caribbean and Mexico,
with Caribbean editor Ed Wetschler focusing on New Resorts Within Resorts
on page 26; and Managing Editor Michelle Marie Arean putting the
spotlight on New Beachside Getaways in Mexico on page 18.
This month, U.S. cruise ports take over our Cruise section on page 15,
and as you'll see, top cruise lines are building stunning new terminals in
Florida. Speaking of ports, on page 34, there's an onsite review on Quebec
City, an idyllic European-style destination for cruise passengers to discover.
We've also got onsite reviews on Panama Jack Resorts Cancun (page 30);
Hotel Riu Dunamar (page 31); Antigua (page 32) and Eden Roc Miami
Beach (page 33).
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6 august 2018

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