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Penthouse Spa Suite accommodations.

Seabourn: Ultra-Luxury Cruising
"I would say the ultra-luxury client is looking
for the best, plain and simple, but it must be
fulfilling, and they want to spend their time
with like-minded people," says Chris Austin,
Seabourn's senior v.p. of global sales and
marketing. "The good news for the travel
professional is the client looking for a traditional
luxury experience can often be moved up to
an ultra-luxury experience if you look for the
right opportunities....milestones like birthdays,
professional achievements, or anniversaries are
all great moments to suggest."
Seabourn, which is celebrating its 30th
anniversary, is the embodiment of an ultraluxury cruise experience: "On a Seabourn
ship, space is generous and crowds are few.
Our guest's names, cocktail choices and wine
orders are remembered, preferences noted,
and wishes granted before they are spoken by a
crew that borders on clairvoyant and is intent on
exceeding guest expectations."
For this celebratory year, Seabourn will debut
its fifth ship, the Ovation. The all-suite, Odysseyclass vessel features accommodations with
walk-in closets, verandas, sofas, writing desks,
dining tables, full bath and separate showers,
and dual vanity sinks. "These are some of the
same amenities," says Austin, "that you would
find in the accommodation at luxury hotels
and resorts."
Beyond divine accommodations, Ovation
guests will also encounter a tantalizing culinary
experience, a world-class art collection
comprised of 1,600 art pieces throughout the
ship, and sublime experiences.
"All good things to come on Seabourn
Ovation," says Austin. "She'll position from
the Med to North Europe for her first summer
season and we are looking forward to
welcoming many of our travel professional
partners on board this year."
To read the full interview with Seabourn's Chris
Austin, visit
18 february 2018

Crystal Esprit, part of Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises, will have celebrity chef
Ben Robinson on board two West Indies sailings (March 8 and April 1, 2018); he'll
lead cooking demos, and host Q&As, hang out with guests during cocktail receptions
and go with them on shoreside visits to local markets. The highlight is the multicourse dinner specially prepared by the chef.
Silversea's gastronomic feast comes via its Enriched Voyages, a series of culinaryand wine-themed sailings for this year and next that encompass the sights and
sounds of cities around the world with onboard cooking events and demonstrations
complemented by specially curated menus, wine tastings and more. These voyages are
split into three categories-The Asian Collection, Culinary Voyages, and Wine Voyages.
Overall, guests will have the opportunity to hang with local chefs, partake in cooking
demos and market-to-plate excursions, as well as go on private tours of vineyards.
Aqua Expeditions, too, delivers a full plate of gastronomic delights with its
chef-hosted departures in September and October 2018. Pedro Miguel Schiaffino,
consulting chef on the Aria Amazon and chef/owner of Malabar and ÁmaZ (both
restaurants were chosen among Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants 2017), invites
gastronomes to explore the flavors of the Amazon. Guests will take classes with
the chef and travel together to local markets to learn about locally grown and
harvested ingredients.
Beyond divine gastronomic offerings, signature experiences for 2018 will include
jumping on a helicopter to get a bird's-eye view of breathtaking scenery or diving
into the ocean while in a submarine-this is, of course, if your clients are guests on
board Scenic Eclipse, Scenic Cruises' six-star luxury discovery yacht that will launch
later this year. Among the unrivaled experiences for guests of Scenic Eclipse will be
wildlife-themed excursions by Zodiac and on foot while exploring the Arctic: the
11-day Ultimate Arctic journey, departing Bergen on June 16, 26 and July 6, 2019, will
have guests searching for Svalbard reindeer and hiking to the upper reaches of the
archipelago's area to witness flora unique to this part of the world. From the ship's fleet
of Zodiacs, they'll take in the islands' thousands of Arctic terns and skuas that dance
across the skies, and search for polar bears.
For clients who like to explore Alaska amidst plush surroundings, Windstar
is offering its Signature Expeditions program, where guests will have access to an
expedition team of five-geologists, glaciologists, marine biologists, and other
experts-that will lead enrichment classes, one-to-one discussions and topical
presentations. While exploring off the ship, guests will gain in-depth insight into the
destination while going on a hiking, kayaking, or Zodiac excursion led by the same
expedition team.
"We are offering travelers the chance to slow down and truly enjoy scenic
immersion cruising amongst the glaciers and wildlife, and we have the perfect size
ships for Alaska, period," says John Delaney, Windstar Cruises' president.
And cuisine-focused Oceania takes a bite out of the globe with 80 new itineraries
for 2019, including 40 new Mediterranean voyages, 18 new Baltic, Scandinavia
& Northern Europe journeys, five new Alaska sailings, six new Canada & New
England voyages, and 10 new Tropics cruises. In Europe, for example, there are eight
new itineraries that focus singularly on Italy or Spain or the Iberian Peninsula and
French wine country and include overnight stays in Venice, Lisbon, and Bordeaux.
And farther north, there are visits to off-the-beaten path ports in Norway such as
mountainous Bodo, located just north of the Arctic Circle, and Haugesund, known
as the Homeland of the Viking Kings. ■
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