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King penguins at Volunteer Point. latin america THE FALKLAND ISLANDS nature’s last stand rick shively P 24 february 2012 onsite review january 2012 Picture a place where sunsets swallow up the horizon like an endless panoramic caldron pouring molten colors of orange and red to douse out the daytime, and where the vast windswept and empty landscapes grudgingly give up space to herds of thousands of sheep and the occasional small group of cattle, all sharing the bounty of its grassy plains, while the coastal shores embrace armies of penguins, sea lions and seals. Where hundreds of islands wear skirts of untamed blue- and turquoise-colored waters, with petticoats of booming surf hemming the shorelines and where its most distinctive attribute is its stubborn rustic environs, refusing to bow to a world where humankind feasts on fewer and fewer plots of unspoiled geography. The Falkland Islands are a rarity—bucolic and pastoral in one breath and wild and untamed the next, with a climate that’s as unpredictable as the temper of a volatile drill instructor. Located about 288 miles from the Patagonia coastline, its rarity is due to the fact that despite the fact this archipelago has a total land area of 4,700 sq. miles and 800 miles of coastal bounty, with two main islands—West Falkland and East Falkland—and another 776 smaller islands, the total population consists of only about 3,000 people. The 2006 census—the latest available—recorded 2,115 people in Stanley—its capital—and 477 in Mount Pleasant, 194 in the rest of East Falkland, 127 in West Falkland and 42 people on all the other islands. The CIA stated that in July 2008, the population was estimated to be 3,140. Which is exactly what makes it one of the most unspoiled places left on Earth. For visitors, it’s an unhurried Nirvana where serenity reigns and relaxation is a gift of its environment, made all the more special by its wealth of wildlife, all enjoyed at an unhurried pace in the rustic, continued on page 26 RICK SHIVELY

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