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cruise onboardreview N O V E M B E R 2 0 14 THE UNEXPLORED DANUBE RIVER, Explored CARLA HUNT (4) carla hunt 12 january 2015 12-17 CR Viking.indd 12 Now, who would've thought that a Danube River cruise, heading into the midNovember approach of stormy weather, scheduled to tie up in many Eastern European ports with names no one has ever heard nor could pronounce, would be booked to capacity? Well, never underestimate the new-found power and appeal of river cruising, for our Viking River Cruises' 11-day Passage to Eastern Europe-including two nights at the Budapest Marriott Hotel before boarding the Viking Embla for a 7-night cruise from Budapest to Bucharest, and ending with a final night at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bucharest-was a sellout departure. And it's a cruise that doesn't disappoint. What this 5-country itinerary-Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania-does do is deliver the most interesting river cruise this lucky-to-be-aboard guest has ever taken. The accent is not on culinary arts, or vineyards and wine tasting, or the upcoming Christmas markets. Rather, it's all about getting acquainted with a handful of little-known countries-positioned on ancient trade routes from the Orient, still rich in natural wonders and historic treasures-that we think of as places of conflict and unrest since the breakup of the Soviet Union exactly 25 years ago. "These are newly formed nations that most of us had pictured as drab, postcommunist places," says passenger Roger Bennorth from Bridgeport, CT. "But what we seem to be encountering are vibrant people working hard to make up for lost time: rebuilding their cities and rural farmlands; educating their children; enjoying new freedoms of religion; reconnecting with their cultural heritage. This cruise is an eyeopener for all on board, changing everyone's preconception of this part of the world." Let's be honest about cruising this sector of the Danube River. In general, east from Budapest, the river is no scenic beauty adorned with fairy tale castles. Rather you're tripping along an important, historic waterway-the second longest in Europe-that gets you where you are going. That said, the cruise kicks off in Budapest, probably 12/18/14 9:22 AM

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