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hoteldesk The Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort is set to open this July. Outrigger Resorts michelle marie arean eople will say there are a lot of other brands with beautiful hotels on the beach. Outrigger is the beach, says itsy elley, v.p. of corporate communications and granddaughter of the utrigger founders. It s the only exclusive brand on the beach it s in our genes, starting back with my grandparents. e re able to take it utrigger across the acific because we understand island destinations and respect the culture making sure we select iconic destinations that people want to go to. utrigger is setting out to become the premier brand on the beach and with that plan comes a little rebranding. irst, they ve added the word resorts to their name in order to help clarify to our visitors, guests, and agents what they ll be experiencing, notes elley. Adding that, "the Outrigger Resorts brand is focusing on iconic beachfront destinations around the world. The brand currently runs resorts in seven countries including the . . in the Hawaiian Islands), ustralia, i i, uam, and Thailand, as well as auritius, where the company opened the Outrigger Mauritius Resort and Spa last pril. nd in the aldives, the Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort is set to open this July. The brand also has plans for future openings in China, ietnam, and across sia- acific and the Indian cean their goal is to open two to four additional utrigger esorts annually over the next decade. However, utrigger s expansion isn t changing the way they do business they re still remaining true to their roots. e want everyone to know that we re still a family-owned business we ust celebrated years of being utrigger, points out elley. e also have a legacy to our guests and future guests to be able to go on this voyage into the future together for incredible experiences and to very iconic destinations, she adds. The revamping will give the properties a more cohesive feel, while still remaining true to the local culture, as well as each property s distinct offerings. ll properties will have a full-service spa, a beach bar, and the new oyager club lounge which elley describes as the next level premier club stay. The oyager club lounge will We've got more on Outrigger and its rebranding on 8 january 2015 8-9 HD.indd 8 offer guests a private pool, an elevated level of service, breakfast, and cocktail offerings. The first properties that will debut the oyager 47 club lounges, in fall 2015, are the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort and the Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort. Other properties expected to refurbish their existing club lounges to the oyager name are Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort; the Outrigger Mauritius Resort and Spa; and the Outrigger Guam Resort. s an employee of the Outrigger Ohana on the coast side, it is extremely exciting to see a Hawaii company expand beyond the shores of our island and go global, says Nancy aniels, director of public relations for utrigger esorts. ... ringing more people, and more culture and experiences that we can now share with the guests who come to our utrigger properties. This expansion is coming at a perfect time, as according to elley, island destinations across the acific are gaining popularity. She points out that the traveler visiting these destinations is the next generation the millennials. They re a little bit of a different traveler they re more independent and really en oy traveling for a cause the voluntourism. dding that even those who are traveling independently are traveling in a group as they re always connected through social media. They re Tweeting, they re napChatting they re with their friends and family wherever they go through technology. They re independent, but they re still together. he also notes that a large percentage of mericans have never been to Hawaii, and that s when a travel partner comes in to help them put together the trip and explain the destination, like the basics you can t drive from ahu to aui. aniels adds that although anyone can book their own reservations online, what they notice is that everyone is so darn busy. ou may go online and do research and explore, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of putting things together and comparing one to the other, so many people today don t have the luxury of time to do that. nd that s where our travel agent partners come in they re the experts that can help busy people navigate the process of planning a special visit." ● contact information Outrigger Resorts ) - or 12/18/14 9:19 AM

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