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AcTIvE ScoTlANd europe S sergio ortiz 32 july 2010 onsite review april 2010 Scotland is small but exemplifies the old axiom that less is more. Its 34,000 sq. miles make it roughly the size of Maine, yet its distinctive culture might be the envy of larger countries. This is a land of kilts, attractive people who speak a delightful brogue accentuated by rolling r’s, vast landscapes and an astounding beauty that sways to the skirl of bagpipes. Sadly, at least in the North American market, Scotland is seldom thought of as an adventure destination. Few realize that this wee land with a tad more than 5 million people whose forbearers influenced practically every corner of the world is custom-made for those seeking thrills against the backdrop of stunning scenery. Behind the well-worn stereotype of images full of rolling green hills where sheep graze contentedly, ancient cities, smoky whiskies, fêted golf courses and palaces and castles that are the topics of legend, this is a land full of adventures and excitement. American travelers in particular would be bowled over to learn that an entire dimension of active pastimes lies hidden behind Scotland’s genteel veneer. Sure, those visiting to go mano-a-mano against nature in tough settings like the impossibly high peaks of the Highlands; to defy angry streams renowned for their unparalleled fly-fishing where raging currents will push canoeists and kayakers to the limit; to trek over feral terrain crisscrossed by trails that scream to be hiked or pedaled through on mountain bikes, must venture beyond Scotland’s great cities. Scotland is easily reached from the U.S. through its two major points of entry: Edinburgh and Glasgow. Continental Airlines, U.S. Airways, Visitscotland/scottsihViewpoint

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