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hoteldesk Minimalist and wellness-focused accommodations at EVEN Hotels. EVEN HOTELS A BRAND FOR THE WELLNESS-MINDED GUEST deserae del campo The EVEN Hotels concept is one that befits hotel guests who feel guilty s ipping their daily wor out routine, or those always conscious about what they eat while traveling. This new hotel brand-under the InterContinental Hotels Group umbrella- was designed, in fact, to help guests feel better about the choices they ma e while traveling, focusing on how its environment emphasi es both fitness and health for its guests. The otels brand, which was introduced to the industry in , was developed, says Adam lic man, head of otels, in response to extensive customer research that tells us that guests are frustrated from staying in hotels that do not meet their entire lifestyle and wellness needs. t's an industry first, and meets a new and growing customer demand in the .S. for healthier travel. hile other hotel brands provide elements of this offer, no other brand in the .S. provides a holistic wellness experience under one roof, at an affordable price point. The otels brand embraces four core components Eat Well, Rest Easy, Keep Active and Accomplish More. The brand has gone as far as hiring a wellness team at its recently opened hotels-a eep Active Director, at ell Director, and Accomplish ore Director. nder the Eating Well mantra, the hotel offers guests a menu of organic food and fresh choices available for brea fast, lunch and dinner a healthy o box guests can ta e on the road calorie-friendly coc tails and desserts and complimentary flavored filtered water available . n-room, guests will find natural fiber, high-thread bed sheets and natural bath products along with L D mood lighting-part of the Resting Easy component. At the otels' Athletic Studio, as part of the Keep Active component, guests can exercise with staff or eep to their own fitness routine in their guestrooms where there they'll find an in-room fitness one with cor flooring and personal fitness equipment. inally, guests are invited to Accomplish More during their stay with complimentary i i available throughout the hotel and wor spaces where guests can feel li e they are constantly being productive. 12 july 2014 12-13 HotelDesk.indd 12 e understand that wellness means different things to different people, and this focus ensures that guests are able to maintain their balance while traveling by giving them the tools, choices, and personal and technological support they need to achieve their goals while away from home, says lic man. otels also launched a website designed for wellness-minded travelers to help them maintain their fitness and healthy-eating habits while away from home. The website features content created by the otels team along with contributors and health experts with insight on healthy living, as well as tips and articles on the best spots to eat, where to exercise and how not to miss wor outs when traveling. whe r e to f ind E V E N The company opened two hotels last month in orwal , T and oc ville, D. The onnecticut property has guestrooms, plenty of green space, and is located near state par s and the orwal slands, a chain of more than islands nown for recreational activities. n the hotel's website, as part of the four aforementioned components, guests can find spots to Keep Active li e local gyms and ilates studios restaurants that serve organic or healthy cuisine where to find the local library or a arnes oble and locations to Rest Easy li e the local hair salon, movie theater and playhouse. There are three other hotels in the pipeline, one in roo lyn, , and two others in midtown anhattan. The brand will expand across the .S. to cities li e hicago, Denver, ashington, D. ., San rancisco, ortland, Seattle, and Los Angeles. The brand prototype was designed to offer a consistent, holistic wellness experience to meet the needs of our target wellnessminded traveler, adds lic man. otels properties provide balanced options that are important to this guest so they can ma e lifestyle decisions they can feel good about and gain more control over their travel experience. ● contact information EVEN Hotels: (855) TRY-EVEN; 6/24/14 8:39 AM

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