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DREAMY Puerto Vallarta paloma villaverde de rico PALOMA VILLAVERDE DE RICO Puerto Vallarta makes you dizzy with its vibrant colorful display. Once you've visited this Pacific Coast destination in Mexico, color as you knew it will forever be a distant memory. It is here where the lush Sierra Madre Mountains seemingly tumble into the dark-blue Banderas Bay, and where bougainvillea-in shades from white to hot pink- bloom as if shouting to the heavens that they, not those darn roses, are the most beautiful of flowery creations. In Puerto Vallarta, every experience- from culinary to exploring a colonial Mexican village-surpasses one's expectations. If your clients think they know Mexico, tell them to "fasten their seatbelts," because Puerto Vallarta offers one hell of a ride. 45-47 MX Alt PVallarta.indd 45 6/25/14 8:58 AM

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