Recommend July 2017 - 10

Michelle Marie Arean

Top, left: At the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem in Israel. Top, right: A Brightline train at the West Palm Beach station.

When referencing the popularity in faithbased travel, Kirsty Perring, Goway Travel's
acting general manager for Africa and the
Middle East, says, "I do see it increasing,
as travelers are looking for travel that
transforms them as opposed to just ticking
destinations off a bucket list. They want to be
immersed in the experiences they have, and
faith plays an important part in this." Adding
that, "I think it is a way to bring families
closer together, and a perfect opportunity for
multi-generational families to celebrate faithbased milestones together."
She notes that Goway is tapping into
that faith-focused traveler by "offering more
experiential-type itineraries that can be
The operator's faith-based 10-day The
Great Israel Adventure itinerary launches this
month with a first departure on July 18; the
next departure is on Dec. 12, 2017. It takes
guests to Tel Aviv, the Western Wall in the
Old City of Jerusalem, the Ein Gedi Nature
Reserve, Masada, the Dead Sea, and the Sea
of Galilee. Travelers will also take in a sound
and light show at the Tower of David, go on
a 4x4 jeep ride in the Golan Heights, kayak
on the Jordan River, visit Caesarea and Jaffa,
and go on an archaeological dig in Jerusalem.
Rates start at $2,578.
Pacific Delight Tours is now offering those
travelers who want to learn a little more
about their faith specialized Kosher Jewish
10 july 2017

interest tours throughout Asia. The program
launched with the India: My Second Home
itinerary, and has now expanded to other
destinations. On the India itinerary, guests
get to meet and learn about lesser-known
Jewish Diaspora communities in the country;
the India: My Second Home 2018 itinerary is
scheduled for Jan. 31-Feb. 13, 2018.
Rates start at $7,195 pp dbl including
accommodations, all meals, all intra-India
flights, an English-speaking guide, cultural
events, and personalized photos and travel
blog of the trip, plus a $900 pp tax-deductible
donation to The Foundation for Remote
Jewish Communities.

Travelers headed to the Sunshine State will
be able to travel more seamlessly in South
Florida without getting behind the wheel of a
car via the new Brightline trains. Brightline,
which just welcomed its second train set,
BrightPink, will be debuting an introductory
express rail service between West Palm Beach
and Fort Lauderdale in late July, followed by
service to Miami in August. What this means
for clients vacationing in Miami is they can
hop on the train in the morning for a very
comfortable 60-minute ride to West Palm
Beach (typically, the car ride from Miami to
WPB will take about 90 minutes) and spend
a day exploring exclusive Palm Beach. Come
nightfall, they can hop back on the train,

and take the ride back to Miami (Brightline's
Miami station is located right in the middle
of the city's downtown). The ride from Miami
to Fort Lauderdale will take a little under 30
minutes (normal drive time is 45 minutes).
The BrightBlue train will make 17 roundtrips
a day from West Palm Beach to Miami from
5 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. The last train will be
arriving in West Palm Beach around midnight.
In celebration of Canada's 150th anniversary,
Vacations by Rail recently unveiled five new
Canadian rail vacations that include such
experiences as whale-watching on the St.
Lawrence River, strolling the streets of Quebec
City, and taking in the views of the Laurentian
Mountains. One of the itineraries is the 6-day
A Taste of Quebec (running July to September),
starting at $2,475 pp and including
accommodations at Fairmont properties, a day
in Mont-Tremblant, and trips to Quebec City
and the rural Charlevoix region. The 10-day
Montreal to Vancouver Trans Canada Adventure
(on offer through April 2018) aboard VIA
Rail's signature train, the Canadian, running
between Toronto and Vancouver (starting
at $2,315), includes the Heart of Montreal
motorcoach tour, a Niagara Falls sightseeing
tour, a hop-on/hop-off Toronto city tour, and a
visit to the Vancouver Lookout Tower. Both of
these itineraries offer Corridor Service on board
VIA Rail. ■

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