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BE.YOU. training on board Hapag-Lloyd's MS Europa 2.

High-Energy Cruising

Spa time on board an Oceania cruise.

New expedition ships are popping up; wellness programs are the new
norm; and the open seas are inviting adventurous clients to charge up
their adrenaline.
Paloma Villaverde de Rico

Used to be that most clients would sit
on their sea-gazing balcony staring out at
the surrounding ocean and they'd reach
meditative bliss. Boy, how times have
changed-reaching Nirvana while sailing the
high seas or rivers of the world now means
training with an Olympic ski champion or
waking up extra early for yoga on the deck.
Sure, today's travelers want some time on
their balcony contemplating life, but being
able to take their active lifestyle with them
while on vacation is just as-if not more-
important to them.
"Being active and healthy while traveling
is something that is personally so important
to me," says Kristin Karst, executive v.p.
and co-owner of AmaWaterways, in a
press release statement, "and as a company,
AmaWaterways has been embracing active
travel for more than a decade. We believe
guests are looking to take steps to ensure that

their vacation time is an extension of their
wellness-oriented lifestyle."
Beyond the onboard bikes passengers can
hop on to cycle over to the next riverside
town, AmaWaterways recently introduced
a wellness program on board AmaLyra's
Paris & Normandy sailings. The program
features four to six classes daily, including
morning stretches, jogging, yoga, cardio and
core strengthening, and circuit training.
Complementing the activities, the program
also features discussion groups with a focus
on healthy eating and relaxation techniques.
And when passengers sit down to dine, they
can choose from gluten-free, low-sodium
or vegetarian menu options; as Karst notes,
"cuisine is such a major part of river cruising,
and sacrificing a few calories doesn't need to
mean sacrificing taste."
AmaWaterways is set to spread the
wellness factor by introducing the program

on board additional ships in 2018; and in
2019, when the line introduces its new ship,
AmaMagna, guests will be able to pursue
their wellness goals on the ship's retractable
watersports platform and expanded fitness
and spa facilities.
For its part, Regent Seven Seas Cruises'
new Seven Seas Wellness excursion and
spa pairings program will have passengers
ditching their tai chi class at the
neighborhood park for a more hypnotizing
session in a 19th century palace in France.
This is just one of the many options available
as part of the line's holistic wellness program,
and although initially launched for 2017
only, Jason Montague, the cruise line's
president and CEO, said in a press release
statement that "the response to the program
announcement has been so great that we've
decided also to offer it in 2018."
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