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Nourish Your Soul


Hiking near Canyon Ranch Tucson.
Michelle Marie Arean

"I think it's fair to say that wellness is no
longer a trend among today's luxury travel
segment; it's really a lifestyle that is here
to stay, particularly in a market like Los
Angeles," says Zachary Lapidus, director
of rooms at The Beverly Hills Hotel. "To
remain relevant and competitive among toptier hotels, wellness needs to be an integral
part of the guest experience. There was a
time that the so-called 'wellness guest' fit a
particular stereotype when it came to their
gender, age and nationality. But today, the
profile of the wellness consumer is varied
and diverse.
"Just as our guests expect exceptional room
appointments, unique dining experiences,
premier recreational facilities, and
uncompromising levels of service, they now
also expect innovative wellness offerings,"
says Lapidus.
And at The Beverly Hills Hotel, part
of the Dorchester Collection, guests
seeking an incomparable wellness retreat
will find an idyllic haven. The hotel offers
complimentary wellness kits in all suites that
include mats, blocks, stretch bands, Buddha
boards, massage balls and therapeutic oils,
as well as an in-room yoga and meditation
menu where guests can choose from five
different types of one-on-one classes.
"Wellness enthusiasts will appreciate many
specialty offerings designed for healthconscious guests to maintain balanced and
healthy lifestyles while traveling. In addition

to healthy dining options like fresh-pressed
juice and Acai bowls offered throughout the
hotel, we also just introduced a new wellness
menu with more than 20 wellness-themed
options," says Lapidus, including Saturday
morning complimentary yoga classes. Room
rates start at $525 a night.

Wellness Retreats in Vail
"Travelers are looking for more creative
healthy ways to travel," says Patricia
McNamara, director of sales and marketing
for The Sonnenalp Hotel. "They want
mind and body experiences that include
meditation, spa and yoga to be combined
with their travels so they can go home feeling
relaxed and refreshed."
In order to meet the demands of the
industry, The Sonnenalp Hotel in Vail,
Colorado has partnered with Wild Wellness
Travel to offer a series of 4-day wellness
retreats this summer and fall. These
programs, curated by health and wellness
experts, range from relationship-building
to self-empowerment. Each retreat offers
such experiences as hiking Vail's trails,
yoga classes, signature workouts, nutrition
menus, health-focused guided activities, and
pampering at the Sonnenalp Spa.
"The Sonnenalp Hotel wanted to expand
to include the wellness services discerning
travelers are now demanding when they take
a spa vacation," says McNamara. "One is
targeted to couples, another is a girls getaway

and the other is for all health-focused guests.
It is conducive to people of all ages."
Currently there are three retreats offered-
IGNTD Nourish Your Soul retreat Aug. 10-13
with spa treatments, superfood workshops,
meditations, and yoga sessions; IGNTD
Women Sept 28- Oct. 1, offering group
meditations, yoga practices and a Philosophie
Mama Superfood workshop; and the IGNTD
Couples Retreat Nov. 16-19 led by a husbandand-wife team and focusing on physical
and mental health, nutrition, exercise,
neuroscience and self-actualization to impact
relationships, career, and well-being. Retreat
prices range from $2,600 to $5,200.

Reaching Nirvana
This fall the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort
& Spa in New Mexico's Santa Ana Pueblo
will be offering its popular Yoga and Wellness
weekend. The retreat includes a 2-night stay
in a deluxe mountain-view or balcony room,
two yoga classes, a pottery-making class
with a tribal member, a walking meditation
journey through the bosque (the Pueblo's
riverside forest), a guided journaling session,
a healthy cooking demonstration, a wine and
watercolor class, and an 80-minute Signature
Treatment. To give you an estimate on
pricing, last year's rates for the retreat were
$700 for one person and $1,000 for two, but
that's expected to increase for this year. This
year's date hasn't been finalized, but last year
it was the last weekend in October.
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