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Clockwise from top left: The Boulders Resort & Spa in Arizona; thermal foot bath at the Carillon Miami Wellness
Resort; spa facial at Omni Mount Washington Resort; and hilltop yoga at Carmel Valley Ranch in California.


Often, people start with a focus on food as they start on their
quest for wellness, before taking on a more of a holistic approach.
For this reason, culinary is a large part of what we offer.

Who and Where to Book?
How do you know where to book your
wellness-focused clients? Gabarino says,
"Find a place that speaks to a person. Don't
focus on what is in close proximity to do for
fun, focus on a place that allows the guest
to retreat on their own. Each individual is
different in their journey to healthier mind
and being. For some its open waters with the
wind in their hair, others it's the solitude of
nature and their surroundings. Listen to the
guest's needs and guide them appropriately."
Tyler says they see a lot of "groups of
friends and grown families, but also couples
looking for bonding experiences, and solo
travelers wanting time for introspection."
McCabe-Young adds, "As always, make
sure the setting and the entire experience
is a perfect fit for what they want to get out
of the vacation. Are they looking for an
all-encompassing vacation where holistic
wellness takes center stage or a low-key,
relaxing escape with optional wellness
activities that align with their interests?
Feeling comfortable and their best to focus on
well-being, the way they want it, is the most
important thing."

Bookable Holistic Journeys
Located on Miami Beach, Carillon Miami
Wellness Resort offers guests workshops, spa
treatments, and wellness classes. While at
the spa, guests can take part in a Thermal
Experience that includes a Finnish sauna,
Crystal Steam, and an Igloo Experience, plus
sign up for Deep-tissue Therapy or a Seatonic
Firming Wrap. Guests can also take part in
classes ranging from Pilates and Barre, to
QI-Gong, salsa dancing, yoga, singing
bowl meditation, Tabata, and Latin
cardio dance.
Other onsite activities include Tea Time
with Dr. Ahuva, which is an acupuncture
facial rejuvenation Q&A session that teaches
guests about needle alternatives in Oriental
medicine; and Understanding Your Body, a
class with the in-house exercise physiologist

who will teach guests about the body's
essential functions and how to optimize
quality of life through mindfulness and
healthy habits.
You can also book your clients on healthfocused packages such as the Carillon Cleanse,
in which they will meet with the in-house
nutritionist who would create custom menus
based on the guest's diet goals. "Culinary
plays a large role here because while there are
journaling and meditation, therapeutic and
exercise portions, a chef-prepared daily meal
plan is a very significant part of this cleanse,"
points out Medina. Rates start at $495 in the
summer, $695 in season.
Going from beachside to the Sonoran
Desert in Arizona, The Boulders Resort &
Spa provides a true "Desert Zen Spa" that's
rooted in timeless traditions of healing and
the connection to earth. This property offers
more than a typical resort spa, as it features
self-guided experiences, and encourages
guests to spend time outside to connect
with the earth while on labyrinth walks,
during private meditations in a Native
American tipi, or while on strolls in the
Ogranic Garden. In the tipi, guests can take
part in private meditations, soul readings or
shamanic ceremonies.
Guests can also take part in wellness
coaching programs including holistic
nutrition programs and holistic stress
management, as well as reiki, emotional
balancing, watsu, and memory enhancement
sessions. There are also body treatments
such as an Organic Blueberry Detox Wrap and
a Yuzu Sage Splash; hydrotherapy tubs that
provide lymphatic drainage, and a Wellness
Classroom where guests can take part in a
full chef demonstration. In addition, guests
can enjoy rock climbing, horseback rides,
desert hiking, moonlight bicycling, mountain
biking, stargazing, a desert photography tour,
and more. Rates start at $459 Jan.-March,
$139 June-Aug., and $299 Sept.-Dec.
For those guests who are looking for a
weekend of rejuvenation, consider the


-- Jesse Tyler, Spa Director, Omni Mount Washington Resort

Omni Mount Washington Resort's Thrive:
A Wellness Immersion Weekend taking
place Nov. 16-18, 2018. During this
weekend escape, Barbara Close, founder of
Naturopathica, will show guests how to diet,
practice restorative yoga, use herbal remedies,
and demonstrate how mind-body practices
can improve health. The weekend includes
daily yoga, healthy meals, informative
lectures, and spa treatments. Also included
are a smoothie and juicing clinic, forest
bathing, mini facial treatments, and a dry
brushing clinic. Rates start at $548 for two
nights sgl, and $698 for two nights dbl.
And for those looking for something a
little more laid back, Carmel Valley Ranch,
a playful summer camp-inspired resort
located on California's Central Coast, offers a
plethora of wellness activities, including daily
guided hikes, sunset hikes, and sunset yoga
on a serene hilltop platform. In addition,
guests can take part in a Hypno-Health &
Wellness experience that dives into sleep
health, and a new "sustainable wildcrafting"
class that allows guests to explore the resort's
secret gardens and hillsides for natural plants
and ingredients to create nourishing food,
teas, and tinctures.
"Guests can also get in on the farmstead
fun and learn more about where their food
comes from with our Learning Adventures
that include chicken chats at the hen
house, weekly drop-in hours in the organic
garden with farmer Mark Marino who came
from the celebrated Earthbound Farms, and
our new The Amazing World of Bees program
that includes hive science demonstrations,
honey extractions and tastings," says
McCabe-Young. Rates start at $325
per night. ■
Contact Information
Carillon Miami Wellness Resort:
Carmel Valley Ranch:
Omni Mount Washington Resort:

The Boulders Resort & Spa:

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