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FAIRY TALE HONEYMOONS in europe europe Palazzo Sasso on the Amalfi Coast. D rick shively 54 june 2012 There’s no more romantic place to start off married life together than in the timeless, fairy tale cities of Europe and the spectacular coastline resorts on the Mediterranean and the Adriatic. dubrovnik, croatia luxuriously into the environment. All 91 rooms and suites have a view of the sea, as does its elegant spa with a full menu of pampering services for the new bride and groom. Besides the contemporary, stylishly decorated suites that make for a comfortable and sensually spacious romantic respite for a couple, the hotel—which is a member of Adriatic Luxury Hotels—also offers what they call “Romantic Rooms,” located in a secluded part of the hotel set aside as a special refuge for honeymooners and lovers. The rooms themselves are elegantly furnished with the best linens and amenities, including a cozy bathtub for two and plenty of room for a catered in-room candlelit dinner. But you don’t have to stay in your room or even go into town for a romantic candlelit dinner. The hotel’s beachside restaurant at the base of the cliff is one of the most popular romantic venues in town with excellent service and seafood cuisine. Rates from $147. Contact: continued on page 56 This imposing 1,400-year-old city and UNESCO World Heritage Site is famed for its red-roofed Old Town and its more than 700-year-old city walls, and renowned for its Baroque architecture. Needless to say, its unique ambiance—not to mention its breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea and coastline—certainly makes it one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Walking hand-in-hand along its ancient wall in the evening and staring out at the pristine, moonlit views of the bay, which couples have done for centuries, leaves a kind of romantic aura honeymooners especially will feel. This truly is a fairy tale city, with its myriad alleyways, wine tasting shops and tiny little candlelit cafes—a placemat for love. But to enhance a truly romantic honeymoon experience, couples need a cozy nook for accommodations—a place where their very union will be catered to, where the ambiance is as romantic and as special as their feelings for one another, a place they’ll remember forever. Enter the five-star Hotel Bellevue. Cut into the cliff wall facing the Adriatic Sea like a giant wood and granite eagle’s nest, it seems to meld

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