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The Preferred
Club Bungalow
Suite Swim Out
Ocean Front

Secrets Cap Cana Resort & Spa
Ed Wetschler

Although I attended Secrets Cap Cana
Resort & Spa's grand opening in 2017, I
wanted to take a closer look, so I recently
checked back in.
Founded in 2001, AMResorts has not
only developed six distinct brands, but it has
expanded to about 50 resorts in the greater
Caribbean-16 of which are Secrets-and
next year it will top 60. Like Breathless,
Secrets is for adults only, yet the two lines
have different markets.
When arrivals walk through the lobby,
they emerge to a carefully designed view
of palms framing pools that lead to the
Caribbean Sea. To the left and right are
single-story, thatch-roof buildings and
6-story buildings whose bamboo-like
"shutters" artfully evoke the Dominican
countryside. The resort's 457 suites feature
earth tones and wood punctuated by purple
throw pillows; even suites with four-posters
feel contemporary.
This Secrets has 50 swim-out and plungepool units. They were in use, too. No
surprise. Whereas Breathless targets singles as
well as socially outgoing twosomes, Secrets is
wholeheartedly for couples and for romance.

And Oh, that Spa
To sweeten the deal for couples who just
want to hang out together, there's the
service. My room had a secret box for room
service (available 24/7), and one day, while
I was sitting at the table of a Premium Club
swim-out patio, a waiter materialized on
32 march 2018

the far side of the water, asking if I'd like
something to drink or eat-anything at all. I
ordered a drink, and he quickly brought it to
me, managing to do so without getting wet.
Then, just as quickly, he left me alone.
This is not to say that Secrets offers little
to do other than enjoy together time. There's
that beautiful beach, the many pools, and
the fitness center. The Spa by Pevonia, barely
smaller than Belgium, features thatchroof buildings for treatments built around
courtyards with pools, hydrotherapy fixtures,
saunas and steam baths, relaxation rooms,
and a juice bar.
Beyond juice, guests enjoy eight a la carte
restaurants (no reservations required, as is
typical of Secrets' Unlimited-Luxury style),
a buffet, and six bars plus a breakfast-lunch
pool bar for Premium Club guests. A full
schedule of activities includes stretching
classes, archery, volleyball.... For an extra
charge, guests can enjoy snorkeling trips,
fishing excursions, and world-class golf.

Romance, Not Nonstop Foam Parties
There's not much going on at many resorts
between late afternoon and dinner, but
just in case couples get tired of canoodling,
Secrets Cap Cana schedules events such as
water basketball and dance classes at 4:30,
and live music in the lobby/lounge at 6:30.
Evening entertainment leans toward reggae,
jazz, or R&B ballads. Again, Secrets is about
romance, not nonstop foam parties. The
signature scene setter is the video loop

above the lobby bar, in which gentle
elephants and leopards quietly cozy up to
beautiful people.
Sure, there's also a show every evening, but
the theater is positioned so sounds emanating
from it don't disturb guests who want quiet
time. The same goes for late-night music in
the Desires lounge.
Three other standard Unlimited-Luxury
amenities I should mention: the free phone
calls to North America, the exceptionally
reliable WiFi, and the motorless watersports
gear. Tip from a former lifeguard and current
sailor: Urge clients to carefully check
watersports gear before using it.

Why Preferred Is Preferred
You can book a Junior Suite Tropical View
(just shy of 600 sq. ft.) for about $525 in
shoulder season without the client sacrificing
any Unlimited-Luxury amenities. However,
I recommend a Preferred Club suite starting
at $660 shoulder season. For me, the Preferred
Club clinchers are the butler-served Club
pool, the proximity of the spa, and the
reserved section of the beach. This beach is
wide, long, and lovely, but I noticed a shortage
of beach umbrellas for the common folk. By
contrast, the Preferred guests have plenty of
palapa shade, so sunburn is far less likely to
get in the way of romance for them. ■
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Secrets Cap Cana Resort & Spa:

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