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⏟ 62 may 2013 62-69 ME IsraelJordan.indd 62 Touring Israel & Jordan The lure of Israel & Jordan is pretty obvious—these destinations offer grand historical sites, a religious history that astounds, landscapes that leave travelers wide-eyed, and a hip and modern vibe that surprises first-timers. paloma villaverde de rico When you first think of Israel and Jordan, you might think these destinations are not doing that well in terms of visitor numbers from the U.S.—they are, after all, in the Middle East, not exactly the “safest” place in our mindset. But speak to most operators selling tours to Israel and neighboring Jordan and what you hear is numbers are up. “Sales remain strong for Jordan and we are seeing much more interest for Israel due to the new inclusion of the destination in our brochures over the last two years,” says Natalie Lee, product manager for Africa and Middle East, SITA World Tours. Goway, too, says they are happy with sales to both destinations. “We’ve seen double-digit growth year over year for both destinations,” says Moira Smith, the operator’s general manager for Africa and Middle East who recently traveled to both countries. Over at General Tours World Traveler, Bob Drumm, president, points out that the operator’s business to Israel has “doubled this year over last,” adding that “it’s heartbreaking to see what’s happening in the Middle East, so much is under stress over there, but I think people see Israel as a little more of a beacon.” 4/23/13 12:57 PM JORDAN TOURISM BOARD ISRAEL MINISTRY OF TOURISM -Moira Smith, General Manager, Africa and Middle East, Goway “[These destinations offer] so much. Historically, biblically, culturally and scenically. Then there is the food, the activities, something for everyone.” e. middleeast

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