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africa coming back to EgypT Egypt, the land of many mysteries, is still pulling rabbits out of its hat a few short months after its revolution, as bookings to the ancient land begin anew, all the tourism entities reopen, international travel restrictions are lifted and suppliers start offering upgrades to kick-start tourism once again. A rick shively 88 may 2011 abercrombie & kent “We had a number of people who decided to just hold and rebook at a later date when things get more stabilized,” Fawcett adds. “We had a number of people go to alternate destinations.” In fact, she points out, because of the alternative vacation option, “We saw an increase in India, with the two biggest increases actually being in Kenya and Tanzania, followed by India. I think it’s because Egypt really is a once-ina-lifetime, bucket list destination, so if you can’t see the pyramids, you’ll go on safari or go see the Taj Mahal.” In terms of bookings now, Fawcett says, “I think it’s slow, but it’s steady.… We haven’t changed our itineraries at all,” she says, adding that as of press time, “The nightly curfews have been reduced to just three hours now so that really doesn’t affect most people that are And even with the recent troubles, “a lot of our travelers are experienced world travelers so they’re used to this kind of thing. We just had a family, actually, that just came back from Egypt,” explains Jean Fawcett, media relations manager for Abercrombie & Kent. “They did the Nile cruise and the pyramids and one of the reasons they decided to go was because they felt comfortable and they’d be able to go to all these amazing places without the crowds. They said they were welcomed like celebrities wherever they went.” The upheaval certainly did cost North American tour operators some business, but many tour operators agreed that many clients just opted to postpone until things calmed down, while still others decided on alternative vacation destinations. Copyright © riChard Nowitz / abErCrombiE & KENt piCturE Library

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