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africa onsitereview M AY 2 0 12 MOZAMBIQUE INDIGO BAY ISLAND RESORT & SPA sarah muñoz POSTCARD FROM Left: The beach chalet offers a tub with a view. This photo: The resort is encircled by white sand beaches and clear waters. Don’t tell the world, but we’ve found the precise spot where the striped, multicolored and glow-in-the-dark fish you’ve seen in the best aquariums all mingle. We’ve never seen them clustered like this, so many angelfish and surgeon and butterfly fish banding together and not giving much thought to the huge mass floating right above them. They’re swimming along the reefs off Paradise Island, part of Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago and one of several natural playgrounds of guests of Indigo Bay Island Resort & Spa. Paradise Island is a 35-minute boat ride from Bazaruto Island, the largest in the archipelago and home to Indigo Bay. Both are home to white-sand beaches and clear waters, but for now, Paradise Island is just for day trips that come with extravagant lunches by the sea, a snorkeling bonanza and perhaps a careful hike around the island and along the ruins of an old hotel. It’s not part of the all-inclusive stay at Indigo Bay, costing approximately $95, but it’s certainly worth it. As are several days of doing little in Bazaruto. The setting is as pristine as it gets, since there’s not much else on the island—just the resort and a handful of residents. But it’s what an island getaway once was, albeit with many modern conveniences and the friendliest of staff, infinitely patient with children and the occasionally dazed. This might be a family resort, but we ran into four honeymooning couples from different parts of the world, all enchanted by their accommodations, their surroundings and the attention bestowed upon them. And if the romantic dinners and secluded beach spots were not enough, they, along with other guests, were also treated to extras provided free of charge by nature and the universe around us, including october 2012 57

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