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onsitereview J U N E 2 015 The BodyHoliday ed wetschler Accommodations at The BodyHoliday. Beachside at Grand Lucayan. The BodyHoliday, a 154-room all-inclusive resort on Saint Lucia that's undergoing a $20 million renovation project, has long been one of the world's most unique wellness resorts. Its mission was, and remains: "Give us your body for a week and we'll give you back your mind." Here's what that means for guests: wellness activities Every day there are more than a dozen organized wellness activities: tai chi, personal training, yoga, walking and running, stretching, "absolution" for abs, meditation, dance, cooking classes, and a complimentary spa treatment. You might expect those spa treatments to be uninspired, given the fact that every guest gets one daily. However, my therapists (I had aromatherapy one day; a Swedish massage the next) showed genuine commitment to their work. So did the chef who taught us such delicious, healthful recipes that I was recreating one within days of returning home. sports 'r' us As ever, the range of sports gear and classes is astounding, what with hiking, biking, sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding, windsurfing, 18 october 2015 water skiing, diving, tennis, golf, volleyball, and even archery. What's more, The BodyHoliday is adding sailing lessons on two J/24 sloops. I took a bicycle tour to Pigeon Island; as usual, I also did a lot of watersports. When a sailing instructor told me that I'd sailed well, I said, "Thanks, but I stalled when tacking." He replied, "Hobie Cats are hard to tack! Sometimes I stall, too." That was the kindest, most encouraging comment I've ever gotten from any instructor, and that's counting 10 years of piano lessons. solo travelers welcome Unattached guests can enjoy a wellness/active vacation here without being hit with a single supplement, and that's a rarity in the Caribbean. Moreover, the rooms for solo travelers (Standard Garden, where I stayed) are far more spacious than most of the single rooms I've had in Europe. Staffers also host cocktails and communal dining for solo guests. fun Of the four pillars of The BodyHoliday's philosophy-relaxation, restorative beauty, exercise, and good diet-the last three are optional. Ergo, those communal dining tables, good wine, music

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