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BERN a good turn for europe L sarah muñoz onsite review may 2011 Lucerne may pack a beauty wallop and Geneva may be petite, squeaky-clean and international, but it’s Bern and the Emmental region that jolted our senses. For a capital city, Bern is surprisingly eclectic, yet has a lot of soul. It’s not just gorgeous and functional; it also has a bit of a bold attitude in the form of ancient yet ferocious-looking public fountains, very modern spaces and a purposeful mix of old-meets-new. This being Switzerland, any city is bound to be a knockout, and Bern is no different. The Aare River, a summer spot for cooling off, is the “U” around which Bern was built. Old Town Bern stretches from the loop of the Aare westwards to the site of ancient fortifications that date back to the High Middle Ages. Bern’s famous Clock Tower, complete with astronomical clock and gilded bell striker, was the city’s first gate, begun in 1191. It’s also where we found the biggest cluster of tourists, but for our money, it’s the devilish touches around the city that pack the largest naughty punch. Old Town Bern’s streets are loaded with medieval architecture, for which Bern was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983. The Munster of Bern, the tallest cathedral in Switzerland, has to be its most fascinating, with a collection of figures depicting the Last Judgment over its main portal. Look closely and you will see a clear difference between the virtuous and the wicked, with the latter engaging in all matter of fiendish behavior and some burning in hell for it. Inside, there are beautiful stained glass windows, with the Dance of Death—Death, in the form of a skeleton, pouncing on assorted individuals—a macabre standout. Visitors are allowed to climb the cathedral tower for a small fee to get a bird’s-eye view of the city. 92 october 2011

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