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asia the wonders of China is an old destination for family travel. After all, it was the destination of choice for the Polos, two merchant brothers who dragged a child along on an incredible journey that still resonates some 800 years after the fact. CHinA Adventures by Disney offers an Enchanted China itinerary ideal for children. Y sergio ortiz Young Marco, his father and uncle spent 24 years in Asia. The youngster who left his native Venice returned as a grown man to relate tales of wonder that were scoffed at by some who dismissed his stories as something akin to far-fetched science fiction. There were stories about startling kingdoms, incredible wealth, unbelievable inventions like printed currency, food, animals and plenty of adventures to keep readers turning the pages even as they shook their heads in disbelief. Marco Polo never returned to China. He died insisting that he had only related half of what he’d seen, a fact that gave those who thought he had made up the whole thing more ammunition to shoot down his narrative. Today, China is so readily accessible that even Marco Polo would be astounded. The journey that took him decades to complete can be made in hours and even though China was hermetically sealed to most foreigners for a large part of the 20th century, the country now receives visitors in numbers like never before. Today, as it was in Marco Polo’s time, the magic of China is its most saleable point. The sights and customs that made the Polo party swoon in the 13th century remain as alluring as ever, and travelers—especially those with children in tow—could easily be embarking on the vacation of a lifetime. There are a large number of tour companies specializing in family-oriented travel to China, as the country rapidly becomes the most visited destination in the world. ÍÍ september 2010 105

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