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DISNEY FANTASY cruise The ship’s 765-ft. AquaDuck waterslide. O taylor harker 14 september 2012 onboard march 2012 review On a ship filled with up to 4,000 people, it ought to be a daunting task to make each guest feel like a VIP, but on a Disney Cruise Line cruise it’s simply the norm. We’re talking royalty status: when strangers know you by name; when your room is made up based on preferences you didn’t even vocalize; when just about anything you want to happen, can happen. Indeed, when you fly the Disney flag, nothing is impossible. And during our recent voyage on the line’s newest vessel, the Disney Fantasy, we felt like Cinderella as she rides off to the castle with Prince Charming by her side. And if we felt that way, you know your clients’ kids (and mom and dad, too) are going to have a vacation of a lifetime all wrapped up in fairy dust. a magical welcome Any parent seeking some R&R during their vacation might not immediately opt for a Disney cruise, concerned that it’s going to be long days with thousands of screaming, crying, and badly behaved children. Well, we can say from first-hand experience, that just doesn’t happen on the Disney Fantasy, so tell parents it’ll be a vacation for them, too. Kids aren’t given even a small chance of falling into a funk. As soon as we parked the car and approached the ship (picture a busy terminal full of voyagers waiting in line eagerly to get on the ship), Captain Mickey was waiting—in his formal blues, no less—to greet, hug and hold kids of all ages while their parents completed last-minute paperwork before embarkation. Then as families crossed over the gangplank onto the Disney Fantasy, their names were announced over a loudspeaker in welcome, and a semi-circle of smiling, waving crew members clapped and shouted hoorays that they had arrived. Now that’s a “welcome aboard!” continued on page 16

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