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MEXICO with kids in mind mexico Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in Cancun will be unveiling the FlowRider Double. In the beginning, there was a lonely quesadilla, a pack of crayons and a sad little pool. Then one day, a child complained loudly enough until someone listened. The contributions of this anonymous hero, we like to imagine, have paved the way for hotels and parents to pay attention and ensure that tots and teens have plenty to do while on vacation. E sarah muñoz Elevating children’s experiences is a priority at many hotels and resorts as that crowd grows increasingly sophisticated, but there’s no denying the importance of the bare basics. Roy Oftedal, director of Balboa Vacations, San Diego’s largest travel agency, says that given little ones’ finicky ways, children’s menus are one of the details to consider for a stress-free family vacation in Mexico. “A lot of times the kids won’t eat what the adults eat,” he explains. Of course, exciting activities are a must. “When the kids are happy, then the mom is happy and then the dad is happy,” he explains. “So the resorts that I look at…have more options and tend to cater more to children.” Finally, says Oftedal, “Will there be other kids around? Because that’s important. [Families] want to go where other families are.” The most popular picks, he adds, “…have a kids’ camp with a staff that takes care of them and have events planned all day long, so after breakfast the kids get to go enjoy themselves and the parents relax by the pool, and they usually meet again for dinner.” Those resorts that seek to satisfy children and teens are well aware that the satisfaction of younger guests are of utmost importance—and that the more they offer, the more time and money they’ll spend onsite. So what’s hot these days in Mexico for the younger crowd? A chance to ride the waves, “om” their way to inner peace and get eco down South. all-in-one extravaganza In November, Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in Cancun is set to unveil the FlowRider Double, a wave simulator with two lanes of endless continued on page 34 32 september 2012

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