March 2021 - 29

Carrie and Diane stopped to take in the scenery as they drove to their
final fishing location on their Cutt-Slam journey.

down the creek, but without further success. We
returned to the campground for dinner, but Carrie
and I were still determined to catch our first cutthroats.
We tried our luck at a different location. Carrie caught
her Bonneville that evening, but mine proved elusive.
I felt defeated, but I was determined to give it another
shot before we moved on.
I awoke at the crack of dawn to try the creek one
more time. I had two hours before we would move on
for our next cutthroat. Carrie came along, trying to lift
my spirits and help me decide what to use that would
entice the fish. We split up, keeping each other in sight.
With 15 minutes left, I landed a Bonneville. I let out
screams of excitement and jumped with joy, but didn't
take too long to celebrate because we needed to get
moving. I took a couple of pictures to document the
catch before I released the fish and returned to camp.
Our next fish was the Snake River cutthroat. Our
plan was to go past Wilson and head to Fall Creek,
find a good hole and catch this one quickly. We took
a few hours to tour some of Jackson Hole and take a
few tourist pictures, check out a local fly-fishing shop
and then hit the road. The Snake River cutt would
be the quickest and most jubilant moment for our
group. All four of us caught our fish in less than two
hours and then tent-camped in Wilson. That was two.
The next morning put us back to work, and chilly
work at that. We woke up to a frosty 32 degrees and
had to scrape ice off windshields. Still, we were determined to catch our third cutts. As the sun thawed the
frost and warmed our spirits, we headed to land the
Yellowstone cutthroat. We knew we wanted to fish in a
lake around Dubois. With cold nights in the forecast,
we opted to stay in a cabin the next two nights. After
settling in, we headed out.

Amy McNealy shows off a Bonneville cutthroat caught at Salt Creek.



Information on the Wyoming
Cutt-Slam, including an
interactive map to help
you plan your trip, can be
found at https://wgfd.wyo.

The four friends spent most of the nights on their Cutt-Slam journey in one tent.


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