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Yellowstone Cutthroat
Snake River Cutthroat

Colorado River Cutthroat

Bonneville Cutthroat
Each of Wyoming's cutthroat subspecies have native drainages. In order to complete the Cutt-Slam anglers must catch each subspecies in its native drainage. An interactive version of this map can
be viewed on the Game and Fish website. (WGFD photo)

Tia landed the first Yellowstone on her second
cast, and what a beauty it was. The rest of us weren't
so fortunate. Amy was the next to land her fish a
couple hours later. We hiked out and headed back
to the cabin for showers and lunch. Carrie and I, all
too aware we were the final two anglers again, headed
out to fish into the evening. Several knotted lines and
lost lures sent us back to the cabin heavy hearted and
empty handed. We even discussed hiring a fishing
guide to help us.
The next morning, after what felt like an eternity
but was only a couple hours, I reeled in the next fish.
When it bit, I reeled so fast I felt like I had smoke
coming off of my reel. Carrie shared in my excitement
but kept fishing.
The four of us worked together to help Carrie catch
her fish. We implemented what we called " Olympic
style fishing. " We kept a tangle-free rod ready. If she
lost a lure or got tangled, we'd give her a fresh rod.
Our little trick didn't result in a fish, though. Snow
signaled it was time to go. We hiked out quietly and
discussed when we'd try again.
We picked up again in August. Carrie and I set
30 | March 2021	

out for a weekend of fishing beginning on a Friday
afternoon, intent on fishing early Saturday morning.
Instead, we got lost. We didn't get to fish in the first
hours of the day, but we saw some beautiful country.
Finally finding our bearings, we drove along the river
and looked out the window. I trusted my gut and knew
I spotted the perfect place to fish for a Colorado River
cutthroat. There it was, a beautiful bank and plenty of
room for us to relax and enjoy this wild place in our
home state. Standing on the side of the river, I earned
the Cutt-Slam by catching the smallest fish in Horse
Creek, which we lovingly called " Guppy Colorado. "
Hooking Guppy Colorado was a heel-clicking
moment. I finally finished what I set out to do. This
challenge was a bucket-list item of mine I thought
would take years to accomplish. In one summer, I
completed something special.
As I secured my rod and pack, I heard crashing
through the bushes behind me. For a second I thought
it was a grizzly bear. I tried to grab my bear spray, and
looked back to see the animal emerge - a lone cow
looking for her calf. Relief washed over me. Minutes
after the rush, Carrie caught her Colorado cutthroat.¢er=-108.765,43.110&level=7

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