March 2021 - 5

I always look forward to getting Wyoming Wildlife
each month, but the grizzly bear issue is going to be
really fun to read, and thanks for the poster! I typically
read each issue almost cover to cover, and this one will
be especially interesting. Also, great photos as usual,
especially the photo on page 31. You do a great job
on the magazine and make us Wyoming residents
proud. Thank you!
Darwin Pace
What an interesting compilation of information
provided in the December 2020 issue. I read it
from cover to cover several times. Meeting the large
carnivore biology staff was also a treat.
I hope you will consider special issues on wolves
and mountain lions in the future. I moved to
Wyoming to be in a state where large carnivores exist
and thrive, yet I've received little but consternation
from staff when I ask about wolf biology, or look for
publications about this topic in our gift shops and
bookstores. Books about mountain lions are rare, too.
Both are our neighbors in this beautiful land and we
need to learn more about them; controversial as they
may be for some people.
Thank you for an excellent magazine from a citizen

who enjoys hiking and photography in Wyoming.
Lorie Wayne Chesnut
Please tell Tom Reed his chukar hunt piece in
the January 2021 magazine is absolutely his very
best story yet. I am a fairly new Wyomingite but I
have enjoyed him ever since God moved us here 14
years ago.
His writing is superb and we look forward to his
part of Wyoming Wildlife magazine almost as much
as the great photography.
Karen Achterhof


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Thank you so much for December's grizzly bear
special issue. I have read a lot about grizzly bears, but
these stories are very informative with numerous great
photos. I had started to go to college in Wyoming for
wildlife management, but had to quit and go back to
Iowa. A few years ago I was offered an opportunity to
go to upper Michigan and do black bear den checks.
That was so amazing to do something I wanted to go
to college for. I would love to go to Wyoming and
volunteer for some research work.
Arlin Pals
Mason City, Iowa

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March 2021

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