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care delivery is profound. While novel drug
delivery methods hold promise for further
improving the care of PWH, disruptive
financing models with a focus on equitable
care delivery could be more effective in
improving the long-term survival and reducing
the morbidity among those patients
living with HIV in Ethiopia and throughout
sub-Saharan Africa. HIV
DR. ANTENEH ZEWDE is an Internal
Medicine Hospitalist at the University of
Minnesota. He has a special interest in
implementation science and global
health in Ethiopia. Prior to starting
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residency at the University of Minnesota Dr. Zewde
worked in Ethiopia as a public health expert helping
push the national agenda for maternal health and
vaccines. In collaboration with the University of
Washington he worked to helped bridge the gap
between faith and medicine to help improve HIV
medication adherence. He spends three months
annually at hospitals affiliated with Arsi and Adama
University in Ethiopia and is engaged in ongoing
research, quality improvement, and implementation
internal medicine and pediatric
hospitalist at the University of Minnesota
and a credentialed member of the
American Academy of HIV Medicine.
Since 2019, he has also been working at a Ryan White
funded program in St Paul, Minnesota where is
provides primary care for PLWH. He has academic
interests in global health, point-of-care ultrasound,
and HIV prevention.
her degree in Clinical Infectious Disease
of Public Health Importance (CIDPH)
from the Mekelle University College of
Health Sciences. Since 2005, she has
been the HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment
Coordinator for the Adama Hospital and Medical
College. Within this role she overseas a broad range of
HIV treatment and prevention programs. She is also
involved with several ongoing research and quality
improvement projects.

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