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NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2013 The 21st-Century Classroom • • • • • technologies that Will transform education the Promise of digital badges using technology to level out the skills Gap acte Board of Directors 2014 election interview with ViSion 2013 Speaker Diane ravitch Published by the association for career and technical education • $7.00

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of ACTE Technicques November/December 2013

Leading Edge
Classroom Connection
Leadership Matters
Capitol View
Q and A
Technology Is Changing the World and Our Classrooms
The Common Core, Aligned Assessments and the 21st-Century Classroom: Lessons Learned from Educators
The Promise of Digital Badges
(App)etite for Instruction: 21st-Century Learners in a Video and Audio Production Classroom
The Skills Gap Seesaw: Using Technology to Level Things Out
2014 ACTE Board of Directors Election
Inside ACTE
Career Curve

ACTE Technicques November/December 2013