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Washington WATCH On the Hill Helping FMCSA Protect the Public From Unsafe Rogues By Brodie Mack T he Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is committed to removing unscrupulous-and often illegal- household goods movers from our nation's highways and roads. The disregard rogue carriers hold for JANUARY | FEBRUARY 2014 EWS Group Direction 42 complying with commercial regulations, not surprisingly, aligns closely with their failure to comply with FMCSA safety regulations-thus jeopardizing the life and well-being of every traveler on the road. The dark activities of just a few rogue movers can sully not only the public perception of the industry generally; in some cases, they can seriously damage your company's reputation specifically. Before selling or decommissioning used equipment, household goods movers should always remove company logos and markings and change identifiable colors and branding elements from the trucks and trailers. All lease agreements should also include this requirement. Taking such a step would help FMCSA enforcement efforts by eliminating a ready-made vulnerability that rogue operators exploit to mislead and defraud the public. The slogan for FMCSA's longstanding household goods consumer awareness campaign comprises three phrases: Protect Your Move. Protect Your Money. Protect Your Memories. For household goods carriers, I would add a fourth phrase: Protect Your Reputation. Ensure that old equipment you no longer own or lease is clearly distinguishable from your current fleet. Do not hand the keys of your hard-earned business reputation to rogue operators. Brodie Mack is team lead for the Commercial Enforcement and Investigations Division at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in Washington, D.C. Contact him at

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