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PRODUCT Portfolio Innovations From AMSA Supplier Members Fully Galvanized Liftgate Maxon Lift Corp. RA Trailer Side Door Maxon Lift Corp. has developed a new trailer side door liftgate, the RA Slidelift Series. The design encompasses wide arm configurations for greatest stability and maximum trailer side rail clearance capabilities. The RA liftgate comes standard in 3,500- and 4,500-pound lifting capacities. The new design makes use of the full trailer width, resulting in 48-, 60- and 82-inch wide platforms, with depths of 55 and 79 inches. JANUARY | FEBRUARY 2014 The RA features two hydraulic lifting cylinders with bidirectional lock valves and comes assembled and prefilled with hydraulic oil. Additional features include greaseable pins and bushings at all pivot points. Most importantly, for the utmost in corrosion resistance, the RA features a fully galvanized finish that is standard for this gate. Direction 44 Pushing, Pulling and Reaching Made Easier, Safer Beckson Manufacturing Safety Utility Hook The safety utility hook eases repetitive strain for workers who must push or pull boxes or bins or access hard-to-reach areas. It protects workers from the inherent dangers of climbing on stools or ladders, as well as from the back stress that occurs with constant bending. The 3- and 4-foot hooks are ideal for pushing and pulling trays and bins in light transport trucks. The 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-foot versions provide even more reaching capacity, making them useful in storage facilities. Custom lengths are available, and the hook end is replaceable. The lightweight hook's aluminum tubing is sheathed in high-strength, nonconductive plastic and equipped with an ergonomic finger grip for comfort. The sturdy hook gives users a secure grasp on objects and can even double as a protective club.

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