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JANUARY | FEBRUARY 2014 Fast Facts Direction 46 HEAVY LOADS AMSA regularly tracks the weight of shipments of its members. In 2013, the average weight of a shipment was 8,051 pounds, a 1.2 percent increase over 2012. The single heaviest shipment in 2013 was more than 10 times that average, with a billed weight of 85,100 pounds, or about 42.5 tons. Let's put that into context: The average humpback whale weighs 25 to 30 tons. An empty rail car averages around 30-35 tons. To bring it a little closer to home, the average football player in the NFL weighs 246 pounds, according to That one shipment would be the equivalent of moving the entire 53-man rosters of more than six NFL teams combined. n

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