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$3.5B Houston Bond Leads
Public Transit Ballot Successes

LA Metro Reopens
Oldest Light Rail Line
Rapper Snoop Dogg Joins Festivities
RAPPER AND MULTI-PLATINUM recording artist Snoop
Dogg joined Los Angeles Metro Chief Executive Officer
Phillip A. Washington, along with Metro board members and
local elected officials, Nov. 2 to celebrate the reopening of
Metro's A Line (formerly known as the Blue Line) following
extensive improvements.
The reopening of the line, which connects Los Angeles
and Long Beach, follows the completion of the northern
segment of Metro's $350 million New Blue Improvements
Project. This project brings the system's oldest rail line up to
the specifications of Metro's newer rail lines while enhancing the rider experience. The name change is the first in the
agency's new naming convention, which will designate all
rail and BRT lines with both letters and colors.
"Metro's State of Good Repair program improves the transit lines and equipment that we already have and allows us
to offer quality service to all communities in the Los Angeles
region and especially for people who are transit-dependent,"
Washington said. "This work will allow the A Line to deliver a
high-quality transit experience for many decades to come."
The line improvements increase reliability with four new
crossover switches, an upgraded train control system, a
new overhead power system and, in some sections, new rail
tracks. Station upgrades include new information screens,
station identifiers and wayfinding signage, refreshed paint
and landscaping and new digital artwork.
Metro's A Line celebration included ribbon-cutting ceremonies, community celebrations and three days of free rides.

WMATA Connects Nats Fans to Victory Parade
The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit
Authority (WMATA) provided more than half
a million Metrorail rides Nov. 2, the day
that Washington, DC, hosted a parade and
rally in honor of the World Series Champion
Washington Nationals. WMATA thanked
Xfinity for sponsoring additional trains
that day. In addition, WMATA is offering a
limited-edition SmarTrip card commemorating the championship, the first in the
team's history and the first in Washington since 1924. "We are proud to have
supported the Nationals and their fans
during this incredible postseason," said
WMATA General Manager and CEO Paul
J. Wiedefeld. "Now, in what is becoming
a 'Sports Capital' tradition, it's our great
honor to present the team with their own
championship SmarTrip card on behalf of
a proud and grateful region."

Photo courtesy of WMATA

Snoop Dogg joins Los Angeles Metro in celebrating the reopening of
the A Line following extensive improvements.

several public transit-related ballot
measures Nov. 5, led by a $3.5 billion
bond referendum to fund the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris
County's METRONext Moving Forward
Plan. All vote totals are preliminary.
In Lake County, OH, 58 percent of
voters approved a one-quarter of 1 percent sales tax levy for 10 years, with
all revenue going to sustain Laketran's
door-to-door Dial-a-Ride service and
Houston METRO Board Chair Carrin Patman, at podium, speaks the
improve public transit services to key
day after voters approved a $3.5 billion bond for the agency. METRO
President & CEO Thomas Lambert is at left behind the podium.
job corridors.
Six of nine public transit-related measures on the Nov. 5 ballot passed: an approval
going to be moving forward to make sure that
rate of 67 percent, with one measure-in San
we deliver for the community."
Francisco-still undecided. Overall in 2019,
The agency's plan, which passed with
voters approved 12 of 16 public transportation
68 percent of the vote, includes 500 miles of
ballot measures, a win percentage of 75 percent,
travel improvements such as 290 miles of route
with one still undecided. Three more measures
enhancements, 75 miles of METRORapid bus
will be considered by voters before the end of
service, 21 new or improved Park & Ride transit
the year.
centers and a 16-mile METRORail extension to
APTA President and CEO Paul P. Skoutelas
Hobby Airport.
said, "The voters have spoken and pledged their
Laketran Chief Executive Officer Ben Capelle
vote where they know it's needed, by investing in
said, "We are humbled and grateful by the
public transportation. Voters said 'yes' to meaenormous support our community gave to this
sures that will expand and improve public transit,
issue. We work hard to earn the trust of our
spur economic development and job creation,
community in both our service delivery and
and connect communities and the people who
use of the taxpayers' dollars and with these
live in them. These ballots once again undernew funds we will be able to meet the growing
score the importance of local, state and federal
needs of our residents and businesses here in
partnerships in transportation investment."
Lake County."
Houston METRO President & CEO Thomas
A measure approved by a three-to-one marLambert said following the vote, "We've got a
gin in Cincinnati conditionally repeals Hamilton
plan. We've got a strategy. Now we've got an
extra funding source to move forward, and we're


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