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Sen. Carper to Speak at
Legislative Conference
* Norah O'Donnell, anchor for
CBS Evening News and a
(D-DE) will speak at APTA's
contributor to 60 Minutes;
2020 Legislative Conference
March 15-17 in Washington,
* Hon. Eleanor Holmes Norton
D.C. He will address attendees
(D-DC), chair of the House
at the March 17 General SesCommittee on Transportation
sion: FAST Act Reauthorizaand Infrastructure, Subcomtion-A View From the Hill.
mittee on Highways and
Sen. Tom Carper
Senate action is needed to
advance infrastructure legisla*	
sessions with key
tion in Washington, and Sen. Carper
officials, including
is at the forefront as ranking member
Congress and the
of the Senate Committee on EnvironAdministration;
ment and Public Works. Sen. Carper
will share his committee's initiatives
*	The Capitol Steps;
and priorities for 2020, the prospects
*	Educational panels of congressional
for a FAST Act reauthorization bill and
staff and DC opinion makers; and
increasing investment in surface trans*	
Tools for advocating effectively on
portation infrastructure.
Capitol Hill.
The conference also features:
*	Opportunities to shape industry
policy and APTA's legislative and
advocacy agenda;

For more information and to
register, visit

VTA Adopts Climate
Emergency Declaration,
Plans Youth Summit
THE SANTA CLARA VALLEY Transportation Authority (VTA), San Jose, CA,
has taken a historic step by approving a
Declaration of Climate Emergency that
emphasizes the agency's ongoing work
to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
and reduce congestion. VTA is one of
the first public transit agencies in the
U.S. to make such a declaration. This
action reasserts the commitment to
developing VTA's Climate Action Plan.
As an added focus on the issue,
VTA General Manager and APTA Chair
Nuria I. Fernandez announced VTA is
planning a summit that will engage
youth from throughout Santa Clara
County in transportation advocacy
efforts to sustain the planet.
"We want to engage the energy

and passion we have seen from those
championing this declaration at our
meetings in our fight against climate
change," said Fernandez.
Partners who have committed to this
event so far include the Silicon Valley Youth Climate Action, The Mineta
Transportation Institute, and the offices
of VTA Board Chair and President
of the Santa Clara County Board of
Supervisors Cindy Chavez; and VTA
Board Member and Santa Clara County
Supervisor Dave Cortese.
In the coming weeks, VTA staff will
reach out to members of the public
who advocated for this resolution, as
well as thought leaders, educators and
researchers who are passionate advocates for the planet.

Alstom to Acquire
Bombardier Transportation
ALSTOM HAS SIGNED A memorandum of understanding with Bombardier
Inc. and Caisse de dépôt et placement
du Québec in view of the acquisition of
Bombardier Transportation.
"The acquisition of Bombardier
Transportation is a unique opportunity
to strengthen our global position in the
booming mobility market; this acquisition
will improve our global reach and our
ability to respond to the ever-increasing
need for sustainable mobility," said Henri
Poupart-Lafarge, chairman and CEO of
Alstom. "We will be thrilled to welcome

the talent and energy of Bombardier
Transportation employees."
The transaction is subject to clearance from regulatory and anti-trust
authorities, with closing expected in the
first half of 2021. After the transaction,
Montreal will be home to the headquarters of Alstom of the Americas, leading
all Alstom operations and expansion
in the region. In addition, Alstom will
establish a center of excellence for
design and engineering, as well as hightech R&D activities, focused on developing sustainable mobility solutions.

there is an urgent need to rebuild and
repair transportation infrastructure in
the U.S. Yet, each of the candidates laid
out different mechanisms to pay for the
proposed infrastructure upgrades.
See pages 6 and 7 of this issue for
specific quotes from the candidates.
The evening before the forum, United
for Infrastructure held a reception for
elected officials, including Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV), Rep. Steven
Horsford (D-NV), Los Angeles Mayor
Eric Garcetti, APTA members and other
Together with APTA, the host committee for the forum included the International Union of Operating Engineers;
Transportation Trades Department,
AFL-CIO; North America's Building
Trades Unions; Transport Workers
Union of America; American Society
of Civil Engineers; American Council
of Engineering Companies;
American Road
and Transportation Builders
Value of Water
of Equipment
Airports Council International-North
America; and Build Together.
Prior to the forum, each of the leading Democratic candidates, both those
in attendance and not present, released
specific proposals for increased
infrastructure investment. In addition, President Trump released a new
infrastructure plan as part of his annual
Budget request.
The Trump administration's FY 2021
Budget proposes a 10-year, $810 billion
surface transportation reauthorization.
This amount is $75 billion above current
law levels and includes an allocation of
$155.4 billion for public transit over the
next 10 years. Regarding passenger
rail, the Trump administration proposes
$16.6 billion for rail infrastructure over
the next 10 years.
Buttigieg's plan would provide
$160 billion for public transportation
and $100 billion in grants and loans
to bring existing systems to a state
of good repair and expand rail and
BRT service. It would increase funding
by $12 billion to expand rural public
transportation. Mike Bloomberg has
expressed intent to triple annual federal

investment in public transit to $36 billion. Klobuchar plans to increase investments in public transit with a focus on
decreasing barriers to opportunity and
reducing energy consumption. Bernie
Sanders plans to provide $300 billion
for public transit and increase ridership
by 65 percent by 2030. In addition,
he proposes $607 billion to develop a
regional high-speed rail system.
Several of the candidates have plans
to address the pending Highway Trust
Fund shortfall. Klobuchar has called for
stabilizing the Highway Trust Fund, and
Biden's plan also includes ensuring new
revenues are secured to stabilize the
fund for public transportation projects.
Buttigieg would inject $165 billion into
the fund to ensure it remains solvent
through 2029.
Environmentally friendly practices in
transportation are important to several
of the candidates. Steyer
believes in
investing in electric vehicles and
plans to build
5 million electric
vehicle charging stations by
2030, as well as
electrifying every
school bus in the country. His plan also
mobilizes $450 billion for clean freight,
public transit, intercity rail, and fleet
purchasing incentives. Elizabeth W
- arren
plans to create a new Build Green
program, which would establish a new
grant program to electrify buses, school
buses, railcars and fleet vehicles. Sanders plans to provide $407 billion in
grants to help school districts and transit agencies replace all current buses
with electric buses.
Climate change and transportation
infrastructure is another concern of the
candidates. Biden believes that every
federal dollar spent on rebuilding infrastructure should be used to prevent,
reduce and withstand the impacts of
the climate crisis. Bloomberg plans to
create a Climate Resilience Finance
Corporation and provide $100 billion
annually in credit authority to build and
upgrade transportation infrastructure to
reduce carbon pollution and increase
resilience to climate change impacts.
Klobuchar says that we should help
cities and states plan for the impacts
of climate change by building stronger,
more resilient transportation networks.

APTA chair and general manager/CEO of Santa Clara Valley Transportation
Authority, CA; Jeffrey Nelson, APTA vice chair and general manager, Rock
Island County MetroLINK, IL; Doran Barnes, Foothill Transit, CA; Lonnie Coplen,
ARC Alternative and Renewable Construction LLC; Amy Cummings, Regional
Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County, NV; Lee Gibson, retired
CEO of RTC Washoe County; Francis Julien and Michael Moreno of RTC
Washoe County; Karen Hedlund, WSP; Andrew Johnson, The Rapid, MI; -
Darrell Johnson, Orange County Transportation Authority, CA; Eric Kaled,
Genfare; Adelee Le Grand, Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority; Henry Li,
Sacramento Regional Transit, CA; Erika Mazza, Mountain Line, AZ; Therese
McMillan, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, CA; Diana Mendes, HNTB;
Jeffrey Parker, MARTA, GA; Leanne Redden, Regional Transportation Authority, IL; former APTA Chair Beverly Scott, Introducing Youth to American Infra-
structure; Billy Terry, National Transit Institute; Stephanie Wiggins, Southern
California Regional Rail Authority; and Eve Williams, Dikita Engineering.

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