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Public Transit Agencies New Focus on Infrastructure
Go Above and Beyond Bill as Recovery Package
During Coronavirus
orders have been put into effect in
many areas of the country, public
transit remains an essential service
to support those who still count on it
during the coronavirus pandemic.

Delivering Food


Our industry has always
adapted and persevered,
meeting the most daunting
challenges. The test we face
today is formidable. But I am
heartened by what our public
transit systems are doing to get
essential workers to hospitals,
clinics, grocery stores, post
offices and so many other
critical workplaces while also
keeping their employees safe.

Capital Metro, Austin, TX, has
launched a partnership with H-E-B
and the Central Texas Food Bank,
delivering Help-at-Home kits to
MetroAccess subscribers. MetroAccess is for those unable to use
regular public transportation due to a
disability or other limiting health condition. The agency has expanded this
program beyond MetroAccess customers and is delivering kits to several senior-living communities in the
Central Texas area. As of March 27,
the agency has delivered more than
877 grocery boxes, which equates to more
than 18,000 meals.
"We are very thankful for our great
partners at H-E-B and the Central Texas
Food Bank as we get together to help the
most vulnerable members of our community during this critical time," said Chad
-Ballentine, VP of demand response at
Capital Metro. "We want to make sure that
those customers can stay at home to protect their health and safety and not worry
about how they will get basic necessities.
We have had an overwhelming response
as we continue to hear stories of how
these groceries are giving hope and comfort in a stressful time. We don't know
when this pandemic will end, but we plan
to continue these deliveries for as long as
there is a community need."
The Help-at-Home kits include shelf
stable items, delivered to customers'

 PTA Chair and General Manager/
CEO, Santa Clara Valley
Transportation Authority,
Nuria I. Fernandez
doorsteps. According to the agency,
Capital Metro was the first public transit agency in the country to deliver this
kind of service during the coronavirus
Similarly, in St. Paul, MN, Metro Mobility and Transit Link are helping deliver
groceries and household essentials to
people who cannot leave their homes. The
free service enables users to order items
online from a store that has local pick up
and have the items delivered by a Metro
Mobility or Transit Link professional.
"We put this service in place for the
safety and well-being of our customers, who are particularly vulnerable and
susceptible to the virus," said Nick


and President Trump have called for
passage of an Infrastructure bill in April
to spur the economy in the wake of
Earlier this week, Speaker of the
House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and President Trump separately announced that
they want to move forward to renew
investment in America's infrastructure
as part of the nation's recovery in
response to COVID-19.
The House of Representatives is
expected to move ahead with an
infrastructure package that calls for
an investment of $489 billion over five
years in surface transportation, including $105 billion for public transit and
$55 billion for passenger rail.
Pelosi and other House Democratic
leaders, including House Transportation
and Infrastructure Committee Chair-

man Peter DeFazio (D-OR), spoke on a
press call April 1 on plans to address
America's growing infrastructure needs,
the Moving Forward Framework, first
proposed in January.
"For a strong recovery, we must
invest in smarter, safer infrastructure
that is made to last. We can create
millions of good-paying jobs, strengthening commerce and reducing air pollution that harms public health," they said
in a press release.
"Increased investment in infrastructure creates jobs and strengthens local
economies, and that is exactly what
America needs right now," said APTA
President and CEO Paul P. Skoutelas.
"As the nation moves forward and
works to address the effects of the


Connect to What's Next
The World's Largest Public Transportation Showcase
more than 800 exhibiting companies
from around the globe-representing
public transit systems, manufacturers, suppliers and consultants-are
expected to convene in Anaheim, CA,
for APTA EXPO 2020, the industry's
premier tradeshow and showcase of
technology, products and services,
Oct. 12-14. APTA
EXPO 2020 is held
concurrently with
APTA's TRANSform Conference
Oct. 11-14.
APTA's triennial
EXPO brings together all sectors of the
industry under one roof to connect,
share and discover the most innovative
public transportation solutions. More
than 94 percent of the show floor is
already sold out (see a directory of current exhibitors starting on page 8), so
prospective exhibitors are encouraged
to sign up now at
This year's exhibitors represent more

than 20 countries, with first-time exhibitors accounting for approximately 153
of the total number.
APTA's TRANSform Conference &
EXPO 2020 has the most comprehensive marketplace of innovative products
and services for public transportation
worldwide. EXPO show floor highlights
will include fullsize rail and streetcars and more
than 60 buses.
attendees can
attend an orientation session to
help them make
the most of their time. Sign-up information and full details will be included in
the registration link.
A special Appreciation Day for students and young professionals, scheduled for Oct. 12, will offer enhanced
learning and networking opportunities,
including guided tours of the show floor


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