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Victor Valley Transit Salutes
Frontline Workers with Special Bus

APTA Schedules New Webinars
On COVID-19 Response
multiple fronts to keep the public transit
industry informed during the ongoing
COVID-19 pandemic, including through
its new webinar series: Public Transit's Response. Register for these
upcoming events and stay tuned for
announcements featuring additional
webinars in the series. All webinars are
scheduled for 3-4 p.m. Eastern.

Managing Transit Funding
and Financing During the
Pandemic | May 7

A special Victor Valley Transit Authority (VVTA), Hesperia, CA, bus is honoring those frontline
workers who are traveling to their jobs each day to keep their communities running during
the coronavirus pandemic. An agency bus 'wearing' a protective face covering is on display
at the agency's Victorville Hub, and will be moved throughout the community over the coming weeks. Kevin Kane, VVTA executive director said, "Putting this COVID-19 mask on the
front of one of our buses is meant to garner attention from the community and our riders as
to how important it is to protect ourselves and others during this pandemic. It is also a salute
to VVTA team members on the front lines."

Operation Lifesaver
Releases Rail Safety
Materials for News Media
the national nonprofit rail safety education organization, has released a new
animated video and fact sheet offering
resources for the news media on how
to report safely near railroad tracks
and property. The new video, "How to
Safely Report Near Railroad Tracks,"
and accompanying fact sheet provide
information on how to best prepare for
arrival upon the scene of a rail incident.
"These new materials provide rail

safety tips for any reporter covering
a story that may involve being near
railroad tracks or property," said OLI
Executive Director Rachel Maleh. "Every
three hours in the U.S., a person or
vehicle is hit by a train. We are sharing
these tools to educate the news media
and prevent incidents."
Funding for production and distribution of the video and the fact sheet
was provided by FRA. "We are grateful
to the support of our safety partners at
FRA for making these new materials
available, and we look forward to
sharing the video and fact sheet with
the people and news organizations
who need it most," said Maleh.
View the materials and learn more

Cotton said it is critical to focus on
the next phase because "we know
moving both people and commerce
through transportation networks and
transit systems is crucial to getting our
economy moving again."
He cited many initiatives he has put
in place, such as staggered hours,
smaller meetings and remote work to
keep employees and riders safe.
Even though ridership is significantly
decreased, his agency is committed to
providing service so essential riders can
get to work at a social distance.
Washington called the crisis "an
opportunity to reinvent transit." Public
transportation, he said, has become the
foundation to move essential workers,

4 |


noting that his system still carries more
than 400,000 people daily-almost half
of what it normally carries.
Looking to the future, he said public
transit agencies must regain peoples'
confidence. "Riders now have higher
expectations of transit, social distancing, sanitizing, hygiene. People expect
certain protocols to continue so they
will feel safe on our systems."
Subramaniam noted how FedEx
has been moving personal protective
equipment and other healthcare-related
materials out of China, where much of
them originate, to the U.S. and Europe.
Keeping employees and customers
safe while providing an essential service, he said, is paramount.

As public transit agencies respond
to health and community demands
of the COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing
funding and finance requirements will
remain ever-critical. This interactive
panel discussion will offer insights and
ideas from the perspective of CFOs,
real-estate managers, regional planning
leaders, state DOTs and financial market analysts. Register at

Workforce Challenges During
and Post-COVID-19 | May 21
The impact on the public transit
workforce during and post-COVID-19
will remain a top priority for public
transportation agencies and organi-

zations. Amidst service reductions,
decreased ridership and supply
chain dependences, this webinar will
highlight how industry leaders are
addressing their own workforce challenges through practices and lessons
learned, particularly how to plan for
future staffing and resources to be
as adaptive and resilient as possible. Moderated by APTA Vice Chair
Jeffrey A. Nelson, general manager,
Rock Island County Metro-politan
Mass Transit District (MetroLink),
Moline, IL. Register at

Restoring and Reimagining
Transit Service in a PandemicTransformed World | June 4
Public transportation agencies have
played a critical role during the COVID19 response and will continue to do so
as the nation navigates the road to economic and social recovery. This webinar
will highlight how transit agencies are
developing recovery plans for service
restoration and how they are reimagining service to keep Americans moving
while ensuring the health and safety of
riders and operators. R
- egister at https://

In Memoriam
James L. (Jim) O'Sullivan
JAMES (JIM) O'SULLIVAN, whose public transportation career
spanned nearly five decades, passed away April 21. He was 70.
Early in his career, O'Sullivan served as general manager or
CEO at public transit systems in Honolulu, HI; Oakland, CA;
Hampton Roads, VA; and Lowell, MA; and as the chief development officer of Syracuse, NY's CENTRO.
James L. (Jim)
In the second half of his career, O'Sullivan was a vice presiO'Sullivan
dent at WSP USA and Parsons Brinckerhoff. He led or served
the project leadership of signature bus and rail transit projects throughout the country, including Minneapolis' Hiawatha Corridor Light Rail Project, a restructuring of
both AC Transit's and San Francisco Muni's bus networks, Atlanta's Beltline and
Streetcar and Toronto's Transit City Light Rail Program.
"Jim had a long and distinguished career in the transportation industry in both
public and private sectors. He was instrumental in leading several major bus and rail
projects. I had the honor to work with Jim at both WSP and Parsons Brinckerhoff.
He was a true professional who loved his work," said APTA President and CEO Paul
P. Skoutelas.
O'Sullivan was a member of APTA's executive committee and board of directors,
and he chaired its Operations and Elderly and Disabled (now Access) committees.
He also served on the boards of several regional and state public transportation
associations as well as numerous other transportation-related government agencies.

Raymond P. Kenny
RAYMOND P. KENNY, senior vice president and general manager of rail operations for New Jersey Transit, passed away
AprilĀ 18 from coronavirus-related complications. He was 68.
Kenny joined NJ Transit Rail Operations in January 2019 with
more than 50 years of railroad industry experience, including
serving as former acting president of the MTA Long Island RailRaymond P. Kenny
road (LIRR). He began his transportation career in 1970 as a
ticket clerk at LIRR. In 1975, he entered railroad dispatching for LIRR before rising
through the ranks with positions in personnel training and capital construction, prior
to leading the transportation department. Before NJ Transit, Kenny was as a consultant with WSP.
"Ray's reputation and experience in the industry are unparalleled," said NJ Transit
President and CEO Kevin Corbett. "The leadership and incredible wealth of railroad
knowledge Ray brought with him has truly made a positive impact on our organization. On behalf of everyone at NJ Transit, our thoughts and prayers are with Ray's
family and friends at this difficult time."

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