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| VOLUME 78, NO. 22

APTA Congratulates
President-Elect Biden and
Vice President-Elect Harris

CDTA's Blue Line BusPlus BRT will operate along two routes: from
Delaware/Second Avenue to Cohoes; and from South Pearl Street to
Waterford. Riders will enjoy real-time information and complimentary
Wi-Fi service.

CDTA Launches
New BRT Line
(CDTA), Albany, NY, has launched its " Blue Line " BusPlus
service along the River Corridor, the second leg of its threeline, 40-mile BRT network.
The Blue Line will connect communities, neighborhoods,
offices, universities, and shopping and employment centers
along the Hudson River with fewer stops and faster service
on its 16-mile route.
" We are thrilled to launch the Capital Region's newest
mobility option. The Blue Line is our second Bus Rapid Transit service, and it connects several cities and towns along a
popular residential and business corridor, " said Carm Basile,
CDTA CEO. " In addition to enhanced service, CDTA has
made significant infrastructure improvements along the corridor to benefit transit customers, pedestrians and motorists.
This includes new stations with the latest technology, miles
of new sidewalks with heated sections near waiting areas,
new crosswalks and upgraded signal systems. Thank you to
the FTA and state and local officials for seeing the value of
this new and progressive service, making it a reality for the
people in the capital of New York State. "
CDTA has refurbished its Troy facility to house and service
the new buses that will run along the corridor. The authority
launched Red Line BusPlus service in 2011. The Purple Line
is anticipated to open in 2023.

President-Elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Vice
President-Elect Kamala Harris in a statement
Nov. 7.
" President-Elect Biden has been a tireless
champion for public transit and passenger rail
over his many years of public service, and we
look forward to working with his Administration
on numerous issues of importance to millions
of Americans who rely on bus and rail to get to
work, to school, to family and across this great
nation, " said APTA President and CEO Paul P.
Investment in public transit is a bipartisan
issue, -Skoutelas added, pledging that APTA
will continue to work with
republicans and democrats
alike in Congress to build a
public transportation infrastructure that is " the pride of
the nation and rebuilds our
economy. "
Skoutelas said that APTA
looks forward to working
with Senate Majority Leader
Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Joseph R. Biden Jr.
Speaker of the House Nancy
Pelosi (D-CA) during the lame-duck session to
pass an -immediate COVID-19 relief package
to support public transit agencies with at least
$32 billion in emergency funding. APTA is also
strongly urging Congress to complete action on
the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations
bill and provide the highest possible funding for
public transit and passenger rail.
In addition, Skoutelas said that the public

transportation industry " stands ready to work
with President-Elect Biden, Vice President-Elect
Harris and the new Congress in a unified push to
move our country forward and build the public
transportation infrastructure of the future. "

LA Metro CEO Washington to Lead
Transportation Transition Team
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation
Authority CEO Phillip A. Washington will oversee
a panel of 17 experts who will advise on federal
transportation policy and agencies, including US
DOT and Amtrak.
Other APTA members on the transition team
include David C
- ameron, assistant director,
Brotherhood of Maintenance
of Way Employees; Brendan
Danaher, executive director,
Transport Workers Union of
America; Gabe Klein, partner,
Cityfi; Jeff Marootian, director, District of Columbia DOT;
Therese McMillan, executive
director of the San Francisco
Bay Area's Metropolitan
Vice President-Elect
Kamala Harris
Transportation Commission,
who is a former FTA deputy
administrator and acting administrator; Brad
Mims, CEO, Conference of Minority Transportation Officials; Robert Molofsky, general
counsel, Amalgamated Transit Union; and Polly
-Trottenberg, commissioner, New York City DOT,
who served previously as undersecretary for
policy at US DOT.
For the entire list, visit www.buildbackbetter.

Fairfax County Launches Virginia's
First Publicly Funded AV Pilot
Department of Rail and Public Transportation (VDRPT), Virginia
DOT, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, George Mason University, Dominion Energy and Mosaic District developer EDENS,
has launched Relay, the first publicly funded autonomous,
zero-emissions electric shuttle pilot in the Commonwealth of
Passengers can take a free ride from the Mosaic District to the
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's Dunn L
- oring-
Merrifield Metrorail station. While Relay is fully autonomous and


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