Passenger Transport April 2021 Vol 79 No 8 - 1


FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2021

| VOLUME 79, NO. 8

Biden Tours Proterra
Plant, Calls for Increase in
Electric Bus Production
of a Proterra manufacturing facility, Greenville,
SC, April 19, which included demonstrations
of the company's batteries and electric buses.
Biden called for the U.S. to ramp up production
of electric vehicles to catch up with and ultimately
surpass China. " We have a lot of catching up

to do, but we're going to be in a position where
we ought to own the future. We ought to be
the -single most significant suppliers of electric
buses and vehicles in the world. Right now,


Long Island Rail Road President Phillip Eng announces the testing of
battery-powered trains.

LIRR Announces
Testing of BatteryPowered Railcars
into an agreement with Alstom to test batteries that could
enable electric railcars to travel on the agency's diesel
branches. According to LIRR, this appears to be the first test
of battery-powered commuter rail cars in North America.
Work on the program will begin within the next month. In
the first phase, expected to last eight months, technicians
will evaluate specifications for batteries and where they
could be placed aboard the agency's M7 cars. They will
study the physical characteristics of the Oyster Bay and Port
Jefferson branches, including hills and distances between
stations, and evaluate sites for recharging stations. Technicians would then operate prototype cars on the Oyster Bay
Branch initially with no passengers.
The tests will enable an evaluation of the number of electric cars that could be retrofitted with batteries and when
and which trains in passenger service could be converted
to battery electric. Battery-electric cars could open the possibility that, in the future, LIRR could replace its diesel fleet
with quiet, zero-emission electric cars offering seamless
transfer-free travel across the system.
" People have been talking about extending electrification
to various segments of the railroad for generations, " said
LIRR President Phillip Eng. " Embracing new technology
might allow us to essentially electrify the entire railroad
without the need for billions of dollars in massive capital
investments. The MTA is already transforming the LIRR
through East Side Access and Main Line Third Track; this is
potentially a no less profound transformation for the rest of
the railroad. "
Gerry Bringmann, chair of the LIRR Commuters Council,
said: " This is another example of the LIRR embracing modern technology to benefit our commuters. This is a potential
game changer for our riders in diesel territory, giving them
more opportunities for a one-seat ride into NYC. It is also
particularly fitting to announce this study and the clean air
benefits it can bring during Earth Week. It will be good for
riders and for the planet. "

President Biden participates in a virtual tour of the Proterra manufacturing facility.

Public Transit Agencies
Celebrate Earth Day
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION AGENCIES celebrated Earth Day (April 22) by offering free rides
to encourage the use of transit and hosting a
range of special events, competitions and giveaways throughout the preceding week.

full-scale mural outside the south entrance celebrating public transportation, sustainability and
environmental stewardship.
The mural, titled " Climate Conscious Creatures

Mountain Line Encourages and
Celebrates Sustainability and
Public Transit


Starting Earth Week, April 19, Missoulians
are taking part in Mountain Line's (Missoula,
MT) " Route Race " adventure. Participants
are encouraged to hop on board a bus,
follow clues and earn incentives from local
businesses along the way. The agency is
hosting three rounds of the race, each lasting three weeks, as part of its season-long
Spring Shift campaign, which encourages
Missoulians to shift their behaviors to be
more sustainable.
Also, visitors to the Mountain Line Downtown Transfer Center (DTC) will soon enjoy a


Mountain Line's " Route Race " sends people to iconic Missoula
locations to earn rewards and find their next clue, while encouraging a shift to more environmentally friendly transportation

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