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| VOLUME 79, NO. 1

2021: A Look Ahead
In light of a new Administration in the U.S., COVID-19
vaccinations and the need for additional federal emergency
funding for public transportation, Passenger Transport
invited a cross-section of industry executives to discuss the challenges
and opportunities that lie ahead in 2021 and how they plan to meet them.

Public Transit Ready to Seize the Challenges Ahead

Moynihan Train Hall in
New York City Opens
facility in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, is now open,
transforming the more than 100-year-old James A. Farley
Building into a hub that increases the Penn Station rail complex's concourse space by 50 percent. The hall is named for
former U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
" The completion of this gorgeous new train hall would be
a special accomplishment at any time, but it's an extraordinary accomplishment today because we're at a place
where no one ever envisioned being, " said NY Governor
Andrew M. Cuomo at recent opening ceremonies. " Senator
Daniel Patrick Moynihan was a man of true vision. He saw
the potential in an underutilized post office and knew that if
done correctly, this facility could not only give New York the
transit hub it has long deserved but serve as a monument to
the public itself. "
The hall's design is a blend of classical and contemporary, featuring a one-acre sky-lit atrium, a signature clock,
cutting-edge technology, clear wayfinding, full accessibility
and museum-caliber public art. The $1.6 billion project was
accomplished through a public-private partnership between
NY MTA, MTA Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), Amtrak, the
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Empire State
Development, Vornado Realty Trust, The Related Companies
and Skanska.
All LIRR and Amtrak trains are now served by the 17
tracks accessible from the hall, while providing a direct connection to 9th Avenue and the 8th Avenue Subway.
LIRR President Phillip Eng said, " LIRR customers have
long awaited a central hub that not only meets their travel
needs but goes above and beyond to deliver a world-class
experience-and I'm proud that day has finally come. "
Amtrak CEO Bill Flynn said, " Moynihan Train Hall represents Amtrak's commitment to offering the best possible
travel experience. Between the improved passenger comfort
and security, the new amenities and enhanced accessibility
features, this is the type of train station that the late Senator
Moynihan always envisioned for New York City travelers. "

General Manager/CEO
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)
San Jose, CA
Chair, APTA

declines and vanishing revenues will not be a
short-term proposition. While
we are thankful for the federal CARES Act funding that
has kept many public transit
operators afloat, the gap to
operate sustainable service
still remains. Without this aid,
transit agencies across the
country will need to make
drastic cuts in service and their workforces.
One very encouraging sign is that in a recent,
post-election national survey, 77 percent of
American voters support emergency funding for
public transportation and continued long-term
actions that preserve and expand public transit
services. I believe this is due to the collective
commitment, dedication and perseverance of
operators to strengthen riders' trust in transit.
At VTA, we have had to reinvent ourselves to
align with new health mandates and customer
needs, pivoting and adjusting service several

times through the ebb and flow of 2020. As we
plan for 2021, VTA will have to navigate the more
prevalent work-from-home choices, working with
large employers on various commute options,
while balancing the needs of those who are most
reliant on public transit.
Like everyone else, VTA's challenge is to
remain responsive to public health mandates
and current conditions, while still providing safe,
effective, fair and equitable transit service. We
are prepared to adapt and remain innovative in
our proposed solutions.
We also understand now more than ever that
we must rely on our regional transit partners and
work together like never before to share ideas,
coordinate our services and come up with new
and inventive ways to connect all people to the
places they need to go.
One thing is certain, 2021 will be different. But
as change begets opportunity, our challenge is to
make that " different " better. While the challenges
are truly unprecedented, this year has reminded
me of how resilient our transit employees are as
they have come together to present solutions
and ask what they can do to help. They have
truly earned their title of " essential workers, " and
if anyone is up for the challenges ahead it is us.


Commuter Rail Industry
Achieves PTC Certification
now Positive Train Control (PTC) certified by FRA
and has met the Dec. 31, 2020 implementation
deadline set by Congress, according to APTA.
PTC is a complex signaling and communications
technology that provides critical safety redundancies to already safe commuter rail services.
" Our commuter rail operators have devoted
tremendous time and resources to ensuring the
safety of riders through PTC implementation.
I want to thank the Federal Railroad Administration, in particular Administrator Ronald
Batory, for the leadership and guidance pro-

vided to the commuter rail industry through the
-implementation process, " said APTA President
and CEO Paul P. Skoutelas.
Industry-wide implementation of PTC,
Skoutelas said, has been a massive undertaking,
achieved only through " dedication and innovation
by these operators, along with PTC equipment
providers, consultants and the FRA. Technological systems needed to be developed, customized and installed to meet the unique operating
requirements of each and every rail operator,



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