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New Streetcars for
WMATA Awards
Hitachi Contract for Valley Metro
8000-Series Railcars
Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has
awarded Hitachi Rail Washington a contract worth up to $2.2 billion to design
and build 256 8000-series railcar vehicles, with an option to build up to 800.
" Investing in the 8000-series railcars
is an investment in safe, reliable transportation for Metro's customers and
an investment in the region we serve
by contributing to the local economy, "
said Paul J. Wiedefeld, WMATA general
manager/CEO. " This is a win-win that
supports the future of Metro, the local
economy and job creation throughout
the National Capital Region. "
The new railcars are designed to
be lighter, safer and more energy--
efficient, with improved regenerative
braking technology, ventilation system
improvements, high-definition cameras

and stringent cybersecurity requirements. The vehicles feature more
digital screens and real-time information, dynamic maps, electrical outlets
for charging personal devices and
additional hand holds throughout the
" We are honored to help Metro meet
their mobility needs, providing innovative solutions to customers and improving the passenger experience, " said
Andrew Barr, chief executive officer,
Hitachi Rail Group. " The rapid growth of
our business translates into direct and
indirect U.S. jobs and further capital
investments. The 8000-series award
signals a major expansion of our U.S.
business. "
The initial pilot vehicles are expected
to be delivered in 2024.

BROOKVILLE EQUIPMENT Corporation, Brookville, PA, has delivered
the first of six new off-wire-capable
Liberty NXT Streetcar vehicles to
Valley Metro, Phoenix, AZ, for the
agency's Tempe Streetcar service,
expected to open later this year.
" It's an exciting time for us, " said
Scott Smith, Valley Metro CEO.
" The delivery of the first streetcar
vehicle opens up a new chapter for
regional transit in the Valley. "
The first Liberty NXT Streetcar for Valley Metro's Tempe
Tempe Streetcar will connect
Streetcar at Brookville's manufacturing facility.
Tempe residents and visitors, as
well as Arizona State University stu " We are elated to deliver the first
dents, with key current and emerging
-Liberty NXT Streetcar vehicle to our
local destinations.
friends at Valley Metro, " said Joel
The 72-foot-long Liberty NXT StreetMcNeil, vice president of business
cars feature a three-section carbody
development for Brookville. " These
connected by two articulation joints
vehicles integrate the latest in rail
with more than 70 percent available
technology systems and are designed
low-floor standing area, station-level
and manufactured by an American
easy boarding achieved through an
workforce to provide a long-term transit
automatic load leveling system, and
solution for one of the most prestigious
seating for 40 passengers with the abiltransit agencies in the United States-
ity to transport 120 passengers.
Valley Metro Rail. "

APTA's 2021 Virtual
Canada Study Mission
Developing a Pandemic-Resilient Transit Recovery Strategy

Hitachi Rail plans to add U.S. skilled trades jobs to tackle assembly of new 8000-series railcars for

USDOT Launches
" Mask Up " Campaign
Up " campaign to help ensure the safety
of transportation workers across all
forms of transportation. The campaign
is a joint effort by FTA, FRA, the Federal
Motor Carrier Safety Administration and
" Throughout the pandemic, transpor-

tation workers have played a vital role
connecting Americans to their jobs,
keeping goods moving and ensuring that
vaccines get to where they're needed, "
said USDOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg.
" With this campaign, we'll send a clear
message to people who travel: When
you wear a mask, you're protecting the
safety of our essential transportation workers, your fellow passengers and yourself. "
The campaign is aimed at
educating travelers and transportation providers on their responsibility to comply with wearing
a mask when traveling. There is
a national requirement to wear
a mask while traveling, per an
order issued by the CDC and the
current TSA security directive.
The centerpiece of the " Mask
Up " campaign is a digital toolkit
including posters, social media,
FAQs and other resources-all
of which can be found at www.

Canadian federal government has
-reaffirmed its support for
public transit through providing operating funding
support and committing to
investing the equivalent of
U.S. $11.7 billion in transit
capital projects over the next
eight years. Public transit
agencies in Canada anticipate maintaining full service
in their communities through the remainder of the pandemic and recovery.
Join APTA in a virtual study mission

to Canada, April 20-22, in collaboration
with the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA), to examine
the future of transit through
the lens of recovery, touching on such topics as new
innovative revenue and
financing opportunities,
infrastructure planning and
investment, gaining back
ridership, alternative service
delivery models and mobility innovation. Learn more and register

Via Acquires Remix
transportation mapping platform Remix,
bringing together technology solutions
to support planning, scheduling and
operating on-demand and fixed-route
transit, paratransit and school bus
" We have always held the Remix
product in the highest regard, and are
delighted to be working with T
- iffany,
Dan and their exceptional team, "
said Daniel Ramot and Oren Shoval,
co-founders of Via. " We share a vision
for working alongside our partners
to create transit systems that are
equitable, accessible and efficient for
riders and cities alike. Together, we
have ambitious plans to invest in and
expand the Remix product suite to offer

enhanced capabilities for planning and
bus scheduling and operations. "
" Remix's mission is to create more
livable cities by expanding access
within them, " said Tiffany Chu, Remix
CEO and co-founder. " We are excited
to join forces with Via, a company
equally focused on increasing access
by improving transportation options
available to communities, and empowering cities with best-in-class technology for data-driven decision-making.
The acquisition marks a new era for our
customers, partners and team. "
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