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REGIONAL HIGHLIGHTS Catching Up on the Caribbean BY MERAV SHIKLER F rom hilltop hideaways to calm cays, sugar white sands and cerulean seas, nowhere does a beach breathe "vacation" quite like the Caribbean. With its vast selection of beaches, it's no surprise this region remains one of the premier leisure destinations in the world-and a top choice for U.S. travelers. In fact, in 2013, the Caribbean drew almost half of its visitors from the United States alone. And there's no sign of that traffic slowing down. Given its wide appeal as a travel destination, it may surprise you that today vacation ownership only makes up a small percentage of the hospitality sector in the region. That's something everyone-from local governments to developers to owners- wants to see change. But for timeshare to expand its footprint responsibly, it's critical that each of these island nations have the proper laws and regulations in place that protect everyone's best interest. That's where ARDA-Caribbean comes in to play. 10 - Developments Bolstering International Support Five years ago-in line with our owners' growing desire to vacation beyond North America's borders-ARDA leadership recognized the need to expand a focus on international growth markets. Gaining a deeper understanding of its U.S.-based members' international expansion goals helped ARDA identify markets in need of their support on issues ranging from tax to the development of comprehensive timeshare legislation. Perhaps nowhere was better primed for support than the highly sought-after resort destination market of the Caribbean. Since that time, ARDA-Caribbean developed a solid business platform to help foster and promote the growth and well-being of the vacation ownership industry. The committee has invested considerable time educating key public and private sector leaders on the economic benefits of timeshare and the unique needs of developers and owners, and in establishing strong working relationships with elected officials. These collective efforts have positioned ARDA-Caribbean as a trusted source for governments, businesses, and industry associations in the region. Many governments in the region have proactively reached out to ARDA-Caribbean for help in drafting legislation and reviewing legislative proposals, enabling the committee to impact public policy in a way that balances the needs of developers and owners. While much progress has been made over the years, operating successfully in this space doesn't come without its challenges. Sun, Sand & Sea-A Thousand Different Ways For every distinct island experience, there's a different culture, language, and legal and regulatory environment to go with it. Dealing with different jurisdictions that are neither connected to each other

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