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FROM THE PRESIDENT Citizens of the World F © Joanne S. Lawton/Washington Business Journal Discuss trends and put your fingerprints on this evolving global business... rom Fiji to Finland, San Diego to Sydney, and Cancun to Cape Town, the cultures may differ, but one thing does not-the desire to vacation. No matter where you're from, vacations are a common interest that crosses cultures and borders. Perhaps nothing demonstrates this more clearly than the expansive international presence that timeshare enjoys today. As the economy continues to improve, Americans are increasingly seeking travel experiences beyond their borders. In fact, advance hotel bookings for travel in 2015 show Puerto Rico as the most popular destination so far-followed by Mexico, England, Italy, and Costa Rica. (Source: Just one more reason many of our member developers are exploring expansions overseas. But it's not just Americans who are getting their passports stamped. The explosive growth of a robust middle class in countries like India, China, and Brazil (among others) has been a real game-changer for vacation ownership, increasing international tourism to the United States. On the heels of this exciting growth, this year we plan to update the AIF Global Timeshare Study, which identifies the size and scope of the industry, the great destinations around the globe, the types of vacation offerings, and their positive impact on local and national economies. The AIF (in partnership with GATE members) plans to launch a new worldwide survey in early 2016, to capture key industry statistics from calendar year 2015. It will take the cooperation of all developing entities, both domestic and international, to produce compelling research that captures key data and charts this expansion. As we grow, then, what are the vacation products of today, and more importantly, what are the models for the future? ARDA World 2015 (April 12-16, convention) will be your opportunity to learn, network, share best practices, discuss development trends, and put your fingerprints on this evolving global business. Whether we are discussing the best regulatory approach or the latest in marketing techniques, this conference strengthens both individual businesses and the industry as a whole. We are pleased to present this international edition of Developments magazine-created just for you. Reading these brief recaps of products and destinations from around the world is the perfect appetizer to the banquet of offerings at the upcoming ARDA World 2015 in Orlando. I promise you won't want to miss out on this unique opportunity to meet face-toface with your peers from around the world, expand your network, and form new business relationships, as together we set new standards of excellence in vacation ownership. I look forward to seeing you at the hub of it all-ARDA World! Howard C. Nusbaum, RRP President 2 - Developments

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