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As the top motivator, "enhancing perspective" drives 71% of global travelers to go on vacation. Here's what sets us apart: NORTH AMERICANS want to strengthen relations with close ones. EUROPEANS want to brag about #EnviableExperiences. MIDDLE EASTERNERS go away to experience local life. ¡Hola! LATIN AMERICANS travel to meet new people. ASIANS really fall for exhilarating experiences. AFRICANS want to feel special and pampered. Remember that AUSTRALASIANS seek out memorable moments. WHAT MOTIVATES US TO TRAVEL? As the top motivator, Next vacation: More than just lounging "enhancing perspective" drives 71% of global travelers to go on vacation. Spicing up your life Here's what sets us apart: The honeymoon by the pool NORTH AMERICANS EUROPEANS want to brag 5% of travelers worldwide - including 7% of US travelers - say a trip prompted them to get engaged or married. Contrary to popular belief, want to strengthen relations travelers are 9 with close ones. times more likely to crave unique rather than pampered experiences. ¡Hola! LATIN AMERICANS travel to meet new people. 38% of#EnviableExperiences. about global travelers - including 55% of US travelers - expand theirEASTERNERS MIDDLE diets to include new go away to their travels. foods fromexperience local life. ASIANS really fall for exhilarating experiences. AFRICANS want to feel special and pampered. Remember that AUSTRALASIANS seek out memorable moments. Next vacation: More than just lounging TRAVEL LEADS TheCULTURAL ENRICHMENT TO honeymoon by the pool Returning from vacation inspires travelers to: 49% Contrary to popular belief, 45% travelers are 9 times more likely to crave unique rather than pampered experiences. 37% 30% 5% of travelers worldwide - including 7% of 41%travelers US - say a trip prompted them to get 34% or married. engaged Spicing up your life 38% of global travelers - Global including 55% of USUSA travelers - expand their diets to include new foods from their travels. 31% 23% 16% 13% Be more tolerant of others Learn a new language/skill Explore their own city more Focus more on relationships Become more spiritual DON'T 2014 USA: THE SUITCASE JUST See (Source: TripBarometer SeptemberPUT AWAYThe Psychology of Travel. TRAVEL LEADS TO CULTURAL ENRICHMENT 66% of travelers are prompted to plan another trip after returning home from vacation inspires travelershospitality space and as "citizenthe larger to: International travel, wander-lust, Returning from vacation, with the USA the most 49% of-the-world" owners are mapping out their unique 45%follow up destination. experiences, memorable moments, Global popular 41% USA next trip at this very moment. meeting new people. Vacations and 37% travel-this is the business that resort 34% 31% 30% Why We Travel developers and servicers are crafting 23% Some of the most compelling points from and perfecting each day. And Ipsos' 16% Brazilians Australians The British Travelers most likely 13% this Psychology of recent study withto plan a new trip right away TripAdvisor yields 85% "TripBarometer 2015:79% 84% Travel Global Report" (September 2014) some interesting findings to help create a conversation board and solid backdropExplore their align well with common themes in today's to Be more tolerant Learn a new Focus more on Become more TRADING language/skill EXCITEMENT FOR FULFILLMENT own relationships spiritual analyze of others trends in the psychology city moretravel, as my own journey also illustrates. recent How global research a vacation: of travel. Dave Pierzchala, senior travelers feel duringKey highlights indicate that travelers want DON'T PUT AWAY THE SUITCASE JUST YET 69% to have unique and interesting experiences analyst with Ipsos, offered several 55% on vacation, "enhancing perspectives"-7 top-line points are prompted report at the 54% 66% of travelers from this to plan Shared Ownership home out of 10 travelers around the world say that recent another trip after returningInvestment 45% 55% Excited from vacation, 47% Conference inwith the USA the most October. 31% this is their primary travel motivation. I Miami this past popular follow up destination. would have to say that Italy totally delivered This story aims to dive deeper into that 25% 26% 20% on this account for me because although data and understand the19% larger implications 24% 12% Fulfilled I have been to Rome several times, what of this dashboard of information. What it 11% 11% 9% I enjoyed most this past December was means7% Closer to loved ones for vacation ownership, as part of Brazilians Travelers most likely to plan a new trip right away Booking 8 - Developments Arrival 85% Stay Australians 84% Departure The British 79% Home TRADING EXCITEMENT FOR FULFILLMENT Different generations, same motivations Hook travelers when they're excited How global travelers feel during a vacation: seeing the "Eternal City" all over again through the eyes of our 60+ guests from around the world, in so many different lenses. Physically (the grandeur of the basilicas), spiritually (the first blessing of my brother, a newly ordained priest), mentally (the amazing history of the ancient civilization that built this fabulous city), and emotionally (the stories we told at receptions about how our lives had come together in this unique moment). And Interval International taps into this consumer travel sentiment with its global infrastructure and ways they cultivate the travel experience to offer a unique perspective. "In Asia, where East meets West, resort groups such as our newly affiliated Anantara Vacation Club strive to immerse owners and guests in authentic traditions, customs, and activities," said Joe Hickman, vice president and executive director Asia-Pacific for Interval International. "For example in Thailand, guests can visit a local Buddhist temple to give offerings to the monks, and in each country they can enjoy the local indigenous hospitality." The second greatest motivation to travel noted in this report is "liberation," the need to enjoy life to the fullest, to let go and feel carefree. For me, this was waving good-bye to our guests in Rome and road-tripping down to the Amalfi Coast with just my immediate family for the week that followed that special weekend. I had never in my life visited and experienced Positano, Sorrento, Naples, or Pompeii, so losing myself in the flower-arched stairway streets of Positano (set in a cliff over the Mediterranean Sea) and in the history of the ancient ruins of Pompeii have forever changed the way I know that country. As a global vacation exchange network that sends millions of travelers to more than 100 countries each year, RCI knows what international travelers want-the feeling of total relaxation and freedom-and they regularly work with affiliated resort partners to offer such vacation choices, especially in Latin America. "Right now in Latin America, resorts are innovating in new ways to create memorable experiences for their customers that

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