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include cuisine, culture, adventure, and relaxation. Developers are offering creative concepts that incorporate the natural habitat and local culture of the destinations. For example, some Mexican resorts offer mystical tours that explore the magic of the sacred Cenotes in Riviera Maya or vineyards tours where you can create your own wine. Today, travelers like to experience vacations through their five senses; they want to live and relax in a Colombian coffee plantation or to feel the adrenaline of a challenging Brazilian aquatic park at their own resort," said Juan Ignacio Rodriguez, senior vice president, business development, RCI Latin America. And the third most popular reason to book a trip is "Immersion, diving into local culture and meeting new people and creating memories." This was Naples, soaking in the beauty of our Hotel Medusa, fringed with orange grove gardens and a rooftop view of Capri, and then sharing a four-course Italian dinner with cousins of my new in-laws- where translations were needed to relay heartfelt messages (they spoke no English, and only two of my siblings speak Italian), but a bond was forever forged as to what family and culture really are. Immersion is an experience that leading exchange companies and developers are all about providing through the vacation ownership/travel experience. Take, for instance, what RCI is doing in Asia. "As one of the most popular tourist destinations, China needs no introduction," said Gavin Cheong, director of business development North Asia, RCI Asia Pacific. "However, China has much to offer beyond its famous big cities from the majestic Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, the famous Westlake in Hangzhou, and the breathtaking Shangri-la in Tibetan. The country is so rich in history and culture, and yet at the same time it's developing so fast that every visit can be an entirely different experience. RCI is consistently adding resorts in these exotic cities so we can offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences." And then look at the experiences Interval International offers in the Middle East, via its key partners. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR VACATION OWNERSHIP, AS PART OF THE LARGER HOSPITALITY SPACE AND AS "CITIZENOF-THE-WORLD" OWNERS ARE MAPPING OUT THEIR NEXT TRIP AT THIS VERY MOMENT? preferences unique to different continents. The breakdown follows: * North Americans travel to strengthen relationships with close ones. * Latin Americans like to meet new people when they travel. * Africans want to feel special and pampered. * Middle Easterners want to go away to experience local life. * Europeans like to brag about enviable experiences. * Asians fall for exhilarating experiences. * Australasians seek out memorable moments from their vacations. Taking it a step further and directly applying this psychographic information to the resort space, how can those in the hospitality business capitalize on top drivers for today's travelers and capture key market-share? And more importantly, how can leaders in the business realign their more operational/management priorities (i.e., wanting to create a harmonious, clean environment for guests) to truly match the psychographic needs of what drives today's consumer to travel in the first place? "Dubai gives our members a taste of the local Middle Eastern culture mixed with the height of luxury," said Darren Ettridge, senior vice president of resort sales and business development Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia for Interval International. "It is one of the most modern cities in the world and certainly one of the newest, yet it very much retains its traditional Emirati culture and beliefs." Coming Full Circle So as we think of the future of travel and our customer, it all comes down to the sum total of and balance between these three core elements, as noted above: (1) research; (2) personal experience; and (3) the expertise and insights of those leaders in our industry who are pushing the boundaries in this space to deliver new products and services in ways that are truly creating global engines of growth. And all this combustive energy and resources will be pooled in one place this spring: ARDA World 2015, Orlando, Florida (April 12-16). Lock in your plans to join us there and join the conversation and the group of influencers driving the future of vacation ownership forward into the future! Regional Travel Motivations Interestingly, this Psychology of Global Travel study found different dominant Kathryn Mullan has been editor of Developments for nine years; her e-mail is Winter 2015 Developments - 9

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